Is it possible to drink water during training, before and after

Is it possible to drink water during training? How much to drink it? Better before or after? Similar questions are asked by every second student, and no one gets unambiguous answers to them. To begin with, you can’t drink water during the exercise. When you exercise, you can’t eat, chew or swallow. We must concentrate on the exercise: breathing and technique.

But between sets or repetitions, drinking is allowed.

This we will mean every time, figuring out what to drink during training.

Why drink water

A person consists of millions of small cells - cells. Each cell is more than 90 percent water. Water is 2 atoms of hydrogen and 1 atom of oxygen. And then what, you ask, occupies the remaining 10 percent? Dry residue.

These are different substances: proteins, fats, carbohydrates, micro and macro elements.

Is it possible to drink water during training, before and after

So, water is a solvent of all substances. In fact, water has a lot of functions. And it is the presence of water on Earth that makes the planet liveable.

The role of water in the body:

  • Maintains a constant internal environment.

  • Water provides a stable pressure that prevents the cell from collapsing. It creates volumes, implements the mechanical strength and elasticity of the cell.
  • It is a solvent of all substances, a medium for chemical reactions.
  • This is a thermostat. Water has excellent heat capacity and traps heat.

    Thanks to this, our body temperature is easier to regulate.

  • Transport within the body for all substances.
  • And much more.

We finish the logical chain: there is no water - there will be no life.

On the one hand, water is contained in the body.

And on the other - we sweat, spit, cry, go to the toilet. That is, we constantly release water. And a lot of substances, by the way, too.

Hence the need to drink liquid. Our body is very tricky - you won’t be able to “forget” to drink water.

The body provides a constant flow of fluid into the body due to the feeling of thirst.

Another question is that this thirst begins to torment a person when it is already vital to drink. Until then, thirst can be ignored. This is the problem of many people, so they do not gain the right number of liters per day.

So, you need to drink water in order to live.

Everything is simple.

Why you need to drink water during exertion

During physical training, the human body sweats harder than at rest. Someone says that for an hour of training, you can lose 1 kg due to the effusion of 1 liter of fluid. These are very rough estimates, so we can only talk about approximate values.

Many say that drinking water during training does not make sense: how much we drink, so many sweats will come off us.

First, a little less. Secondly, many substances that are contained in water will remain in the body and come out already with urine. The solid part will settle in the cells and will help them in life. And thirdly, without water, the body gets serious stress.

Is it possible to drink water during training, before and after

During the training process, the heartbeat increases.

Have you noticed? Blood is a liquid; it also consists of many percent (about 80) of water. Together with sweat, water also leaves the blood. The latter becomes thick. A thick blood to drive the heart harder than liquid. In this case, the heart receives a harmful load.

And the thicker the blood, the worse the heart. Imagine the burden placed on the atria and ventricles to pump a viscous mass.

Thick blood does not pass well into the peripheral tissues, it (oh my God!) Has difficulty washing the muscles that we pump so hard. Here is another important reason why you should drink during the workout. Good blood flow - excellent nutrition.

Remember this causal connection once and for all.

Thick blood hardly reaches the brain. And then it smells like a stroke. Nobody needs this. This is also the answer, is it possible to drink water after training.

How to drink water

Now let's talk about the other extreme: when people drink a lot. You all know, or have heard, that with some diseases a person drinks a lot. 5 or more liters per day. He suffers from eternal and unquenchable thirst. So, if you have a similar condition - consult an endocrinologist for advice.

You need to drink, as smart people say, as much as you want and plus 1 glass. It’s a very good recommendation, because we often do not get the required volume for our body than we “drink” it.

Consider a regular workout:

  1. We came to the gym, changed our clothes. It is best to drink for 30-40 minutes a glass of liquid (for example, tea with sugar or without sugar). It is better to drink milk and other viscous liquids after training.

  2. Warm up on a treadmill, exercise bike or some other option is always associated with shaking, active movements and good sweating. Therefore, there is no reason to drink directly to this. Firstly, it will be hard to warm up, and secondly - there will really be more sweat than it could be.
  3. After a warm-up, people start stretching, warming up the joints. If you really want to, you can go and take a couple of small sips of pre-prepared water.

  4. Getting started. In the pauses between sets, you can take a couple of sips of water.
  5. After training - here you can drink as much as you like. But slowly, because with the rapid absorption of water, you risk drinking more than you need. As a result, you get discomfort and temporary heaviness in the stomach.

The main principles of drinking

It seems to be a simple matter to drink water during and after training. A lot of rules and recommendations here. For example:

  1. Water temperature. It’s cooler in summer and warmer in winter. Or you can drink cool water both in summer and in winter.

    It all depends on your throat. For those suffering from chronic tonsillitis (or something else when the throat is often sore), we recommend drinking water at least 15 degrees. The body during training is hotter than usual, so too cold water can provoke a sore throat.

  2. Amount of water.It is necessary to drink in small sips.

    By the way, this recommendation applies not only to classes in the gym, but also to life in general. For training, you can drink both 2 and 3 glasses of water. Remember, you will sweat more, but it is necessary.

  3. If you don’t want to drink, don’t. Drinking water during the training itself is necessary only when you want it.

    But after you need to drink in any case.

Drinking in small sips is necessary so that the receptors have time to control the process of fluid saturation.

When you can drink, and when not

During trainings associated with active and fast movements (for example, running, boxing), you need to drink in breaks. Remember how in the corners of the ring during a timeout boxers are given a little water to drink from fancy bottles?

Is it possible to drink water during training, before and after

Before these workouts, you can not pour a lot of water. Gurgling and heaviness in the stomach will not allow you to fully conduct the workout.

In the gym you can drink between exercises and approaches.

Thus, all types of sports are characterized by one pattern - you need to drink water some time before, during and after training, and you can’t immediately before it starts. And you need to drink in breaks when you do nothing, in a relaxed atmosphere. For example, while you take a breath, or wait for the next approach.

What to drink and from what

Let's figure out what to drink during training.

Simple tap or purified water with a home filter is a good option. But today, stores offer us much more convenient products. You can drink mineral water, isotonic drinks, plain water.

Categorical should not be used during training highly carbonated drinks. If you bought Coke (yes, disgusting, but magic caffeine can help you if you are very tired), release more gas from the can.

The same goes for carbonated mineral water - release the gas.

You can’t drink juices, sugary drinks (by the way, it’s also not recommended to drink cola during training), milk, or drinking yoghurts.

Is it possible to drink water during training, before and after

If you take protein, BCAA, creatine and other additives with you, dilute them with water. During training, you can not use milk dilutions. This slows down the absorption of substances from the drink, and the body begins to release energy for digestion.

The same energy could be spent on a heavier bench press, for example. But you could not, because you drank milk. By the way, therefore, training after a milkshake is always harder than after a water shake.

Isotonic drinks are perfectly balanced in composition. They have everything the body needs: minerals, vitamins, and also L-carnitine, which is so needed during weight training.

It is ideal for drinking during exercise.

Bottles for such drinks are very convenient. It’s hard to shed, it’s hard to pour more than you swallow at a time. Unlike ordinary plastic bottles with a cap, this option is optimal.In the end, you can buy isotonic once and continue to use this bottle for a long time, pouring water from the filter there.

Sports shops offer many water containers. You can choose for every taste and color.

And if we are talking about water, why not take sports supplements with it? In the same mode as water. Just two birds with one stone and catch. None escaped.

We talked about what to drink during and before training. What to drink after training? The answer is: everything. There are no restrictions, except for alcohol. Otherwise, the training went in vain.



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