Is it possible to do sports during menstruation

An active lifestyle during menstruation requires additional protection. Tampons in this case are the best option. However, they can be inconvenient: for example, an exhaust thread interferes and distracts, especially when you swim in the pool. In addition, conventional tampons themselves are quite stiff - they can be felt inside and displaced. The manufacturers of German tampons


also solved this problem: they created soft tampons without a “rope”.

Such tampons are easily inserted, adapted to the individual characteristics of the body and are absolutely not felt inside. And they do not change position when moving. Freedom® swabs can be worn for up to eight hours and provide reliable protection against leaks and odors. Tampons are removed using a special tongue located on their surface.

According to the manufacturer, dermatologists tested tampons, with them you can go in for sports, swim, attend spa treatments, and also have sex.

They absorb excretions, do not let them pass back and do not interfere with setting personal sports records.



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