Is it possible to do push-ups every day and what comes of it

Push-ups belong to the category of simple and effective exercises, with which you can keep your body in shape. Someone is engaged in special programs and monitors the results, while someone simply does several approaches daily. Both of them claim that they get excellent physical activity. So is it worth it to think about? Let's see if it is possible to do push-ups every day, and what will come of it.

Is it possible to do push-ups every day and what comes of it

The usefulness of daily training

It is important to understand that doing exercises every day is definitely useful.

But every day, going to the gym and doing heavy strength exercises is rather harmful.

If you approach physical activity as the prevention of blood stasis, heart disease and physical inactivity, then it makes sense to give it to yourself daily. But if we are talking about power progress, a set of muscle mass - in this regard, our body is not as fast as we would like.

The restoration of muscle fibers after active training takes place within 48 hours or more (you yourself can judge this by soreness and lack of strength after training).

So, we conclude:

  1. Every day, push-ups from the floor do not lead to the development of strength and muscle gain.

    The body simply does not have time to recover one day after the previous load. And, to be honest, the load is not so great if the next day you can safely repeat the training.

  2. But as a charge, to maintain muscle tone and prevent various diseases, push-ups every day will be most welcome.

And, since there is no expediency of push-ups for the growth of strength and mass in the daily version, let's talk about the "morning exercise" mode.

Push-ups as a charge

Morning exercises often include push-ups and squats (for the lower body).

This is the simplest set of exercises that can increase blood pressure and tone a large number of muscles.

Therefore, these exercises are used as daily physical activity. Squats involve quadriceps, thigh biceps, and gluteal muscles. And push-ups strain the muscles of the core, triceps, shoulders, chest. The same starting position for push-ups corresponds to the exercise "bar", which is designed to train just the core muscles.

In general, the benefits of an exercise such as push-ups are as follows:

  1. If you do push-ups every day or every other day, your arms and chest are much stronger and more enduring than the average person.
  2. If you push yourself at least 20 times, there is a chance that you will be able to push away an opponent or a heavy object that has fallen on you in an unforeseen situation.
  3. Push-ups are necessary to train breathing and increase blood circulation. And the latter is required for well-being and prevention of many diseases.
  4. Any training is a reminder to the muscles and joints of their functions.

    They even say about cars that it’s “harmful” for them to stand in a garage for a long time.

How many times to push up in the morning

It is advisable to limit yourself a little in push-ups so as not to overstrain your muscles. If you decide to do it on a daily basis, you don’t have to bother yourself.

To determine the number, push in the morning as much as you can. Take 60-80% of this number, round to a larger number and push up this number of times as a charge.

Thus, you will find out how much you need to do push-ups per day.

You can make it even simpler - use round numbers. For example, do push-ups in the morning 10 or 20 times. After charging, you should have some power reserve, because there is still a whole day ahead.

If you are well prepared and practically do not feel tiredness with several tens of push-ups, raise your legs to a slight elevation or use a weight.

At the same time, carefully monitor the condition of your joints, because the load on them will increase.

What happens if you push up until the drop

If you suddenly decide to push up every day to the maximum, and your maximum is far from 5-10 times, but much more, see what this can lead to:

  • There is a risk of getting overwork and losing weight more than normal due to muscle depletion.
  • You will constantly feel tired hands, which is not very pleasant. Muscles will not have time to recover.
  • Your elbows may hurt.

    The joint resource is also not infinite.

Further, there may be 2 outcomes: either you get a chronic joint disease, or your body adapts to the load, and endurance will increase noticeably. It all depends on the characteristics of your body. But it's still better to check carefully.

Of course, this applies to those who are able to wring themselves out many times in a row.

If your limit is 2-3 repetitions, do as much as you can.

Push-ups when passing the TRP standards

If you are interested in passing the TRP standards, push-ups are performed there in a certain way.

The following recommendations: it is necessary to push up so that the knees and pelvis do not touch the floor, and the chest, on the contrary, touches it. Under certain conditions, a so-called contact platform with a height of 5 cm is used. It is touched by the breast instead of the floor.

Norm - when the angle between the elbows and the body is not more than 45 degrees. That is, pushing out mainly due to the breast will not work - you will have to pump up the triceps as well.

It will be interesting to know how many times you need to push up according to these standards? It all depends on how old the subject is, what gender he is and what sign he claims. So, for example, boys aged 6–8 years must definitely get out of the gold sign 17 times, and girls - 11. For 9–10 years, this is 16 and 12 times, respectively, for 11–12 years, it is 20 and 14 times, and so on.

Is it possible to do push-ups every day and what comes of it

Push-up patterns

To strengthen your arms and chest, you can push out several patterns.

Pattern 1

Every morning you do 10-30 push-ups in the same position.Namely, as recommended by the rules of the TRP - that is, the body is straight, like a string, and the elbows are not placed further than 45 degrees relative to the body.

For maximum effect, linger in the lower position for half a second.

This scheme will help you to evenly load your triceps and chest muscles.

Scheme 2

Every morning you do 20-40 push-ups in 4 versions:

  1. The elbows are pressed to the body - 5-10 times. Here the main burden is on triceps.
  2. Elbows to the sides, palms inward - the same. Breast work.
  3. 5-10 times in the position indicated in Scheme 1.

    Uniform load.

  4. 5-10 times on fists. Fists are needed in order to increase the range of motion. This involves the pectoral muscles more.

Scheme number 2 will strengthen your triceps and chest from all sides.

This is the most preferred option if you want to give a complex load on the body while charging. If you just need to squeeze out, it will be preferable to scheme 1.

Now you yourself see that thanks to push-ups, you will be healthy and ready for work and defense at any time.

They will not give a serious increase in mass, or tremendous strength, but are perfect for people who do not have time for a gym to keep their bodies in shape.



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