Is it harmful to sleep often in ear plugs?

- In fact, ear plugs do not always help keep your sleep. And all because of the two main phases of sleep - deep and paradoxical (fast). In the first phase of a person it is almost impossible to wake up, but in the second brain, from four to six times during sleep, intensive work begins. In fact, the brain in this phase is in a state close to awake, and any rustle can quickly wake it up. The noise level that is reduced with an ear plug is about 24 decibels.

For comparison: some people snore up to 130 decibels. It is clear that any sound above the 24 mark will interrupt the sleep of a person, especially sensitive to sounds.

If a person cannot fall asleep without an ear plug, whether he is at home, on the train and elsewhere, then he has the usual addiction and sleep disorder that can be restored with treatment. A healthy person should fall asleep without the help of additional funds.

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