Interval running - training for burning fat and losing weight

One of the most effective ways to burn excess fat is interval running. Its peculiarity consists in the alternation of the stages of intense load with the stages of dynamic relaxation. You can run outdoors, on a treadmill, in an urban area.

Physiological aspects of interval running

Interval running to burn fat is very effective. And it has several advantages compared to the usual jogging:

  • You spend less time training.

  • Get tired more, burning more calories in less time.
  • Thanks to the short duration of your workout, your body wears out less and recovers faster.

Human metabolism can be accelerated, but it can be slowed down. Intensive training accelerates it. Interval running is to run, for example, 100 meters as fast as possible, and then 200 meters slowly, restoring breathing and pulse.

The most interesting thing is that over these 200 meters the body continues to function as if you were in a sprint. This is the essence of interval running.

That is, you already bring your indicators back to normal, and the body still burns fat. Interval training involves anaerobic processes and tempers your aerobic endurance.

When the muscles do not have enough oxygen, they go into the anaerobic mode (oxygen-free).

The glycogen reserves (the source of well-known glucose) in the cells did not have time to replenish, so glucose begins to be metabolized from the nearest reserves of fats, which are located under the skin.

Thus, fat evenly leaves the whole body. Unfortunately, removing it only from the thighs or abdomen, as many dream, will fail. To do this, there are operational methods for removing subcutaneous fat.

It must be remembered that in addition to subcutaneous fat, excessive enthusiasm for fat burning exercises, along with insufficient nutrition, can also take away visceral fat, which is located around the internal organs.

This is undesirable, because there fat is vital. Do not bring yourself to complete exhaustion!

Interval-type running training allows you to activate fat burning in a short time due to the maximum physical load of the body.

To whom it is impossible to run in interval style

There are some diagnoses at which it is impossible to run so fast. But the main lighthouse in the running sea will be your inner sensations:

  1. If your joints hurt while running, and when they accelerate, they hurt even more, you will have to abandon the sprint until the causes are eliminated.
  2. If the heart does not beat monotonously, intermittently, sometimes there are short- or long-term breakdowns of the rhythm - while running you can only slowly jog.

  3. If you have problems with the respiratory system, you may be troubled by constant shortness of breath. Unfortunately, in such cases, only brisk walking for short distances is most often permissible, so instead of running, experiment with walking.Why not?
  4. After operations on the abdominal cavity, until a scar is formed, you can’t run at all (prevention of hernias and divergence of stitches).
  5. If, with intense exercise, blood starts to flow from the nose, you may have high blood pressure. In this case, the sprint can hurt you, even if you are otherwise well.

Interval running - training for burning fat and losing weight

Some of the problems listed above are resolved, and some are not. For example, with flat feet it hurts to run without special insoles. If you don’t buy them, you won’t be able to run even on a treadmill. The issue is decided by the acquisition of the correct orthopedic insoles.

High blood pressure is treated medically, and the postoperative period is not life-long - over time, everything will be restored.

Heart problems require constant monitoring by a cardiologist. He will offer to undergo bicycle ergometry, which will show your tolerance to stress and the possibility of heart failure.

And you still can’t run at that pace for obese people. First you need to lose weight to the optimal, then already practice interval running for weight loss. And it is best to start on the treadmill, gradually accustoming the body to running.

Interval running options

Interval running for weight loss is recommended to be practiced every other day in pedestrian zones, in parks or on a special treadmill. The body needs to be given time to recover. A daily running workout routine will be stressful for the body.

It must be remembered that physical activity is not a magic wand, waving which you lose weight instantly. If you do not reconsider your attitude to food, then the effect will be subtle.

Eating solves most of the problem of being overweight.

For interval running, a program must be developed, you can not conduct workouts at random.

Work on running simulators

You can arrange interval running for burning fat on a treadmill:

  1. The simulator is equipped with speed sensors, a chronometer, a heart rate monitor. You are in complete control of the running process.
  2. You can arrange training at any time convenient for you, regardless of the weather.

The treadmill has its drawbacks:

  1. Since you study at home, you may have problems with airing - you need to provide a good supply of oxygen.
  2. It is difficult for tall people to accelerate to the maximum on a treadmill - it may be too short.
  3. You can fly off the treadmill if the movement fails. From the outside it looks a lot of fun, but actually quite unpleasant.

Running on the street

Unlike the treadmill, the street requires maximum concentration from you, you need to monitor what is happening around.

You are not limited by the stride length; nothing flashes in front of your nose. Therefore, a watch, heart rate monitor, GPS-navigator and reliable sneakers are useful for you.

You can do it for hours, but then you won’t know the distance traveled.Nevertheless, the running program on the treadmill will not differ from that on the street.

Principles of building an interval run

Interval running for weight loss should include:

  • warm-up;
  • 3-4 stages of acceleration;
  • 3-4 stages of rest;
  • hitch.

These steps are contained in any program. And each program differs from another in the number and duration of intervals.

If you train in the gym, you can also do warm-up on the treadmill. Start the movement with a quick step, gradually start jogging, shake with your feet, hands, turn the body to the right and left, you can make rotational movements with your hands. After 5-10 minutes of such a run, your body is ready for more serious loads.

Interval running - training for burning fat and losing weight

Next, you should alternate acceleration to maximum and rest.

Please note that, ideally, accelerations are performed while running uphill, this will maximize the load. Heart rate can reach up to 150 beats per minute and higher. The acceleration duration is up to 120 seconds. The first sprint lasts 30-60 seconds.

Then comes 60-120 seconds of rest in the form of jogging.

Further, the acceleration is 60-90 seconds and rest 120 seconds. The next 1 or 2 sprints last 2 minutes, rest between them 90 seconds. Then you should go jogging for about 5 minutes to fully restore all indicators. At this interval training ends.



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