International wrestling tournament Grand Prix Moscow, the Alrosa Cup will be held in the capital

As part of the competition, personal fights and match meetings between the national teams of Russia and the rest of the world will take place.

The best players in Greco-Roman wrestling will compete in the Russian national team: world and European champion Sergey Emelin , world champion and three-time European champion Artyom Surkov , two-time Olympic champion, two-time world champion and four-time European champion Roman Vlasov , winner of the European Championship and four-time winner of the youth world championships Alexander Komarov , world and European champion Nikita Melnikov , European Championship medalist Vitaliy Schur .

The most anticipated confrontations will be:

in freestyle wrestling -

Georgian wrestler, three-time world champion, European champion and prize-winner World Championships, European Championships, European and Olympic Games in Freestyle Wrestling Geno Petriashvili and Russian Bilyala Makhova - silver medalist of the Olympic Games, three-time world champion and European champion in freestyle wrestling, Russian champion in Greek Roman and freestyle wrestling;

in Greco-Roman wrestling -

of a Russian wrestler, two-time Olympic champion and world champion, four-time European champion in Greco-Roman wrestling Roman Vlasov and champion of Europe and the world, silver medalist of the Olympic Games in Greco-Roman wrestling from Armenia Arsen Julfalakyan ;

Russian Sergey Emelin - world and European champion, champion and medalist of the Russian championships among juniors in Greco-Roman wrestling and Victor Ciobanu - silver medalist of the world championship, European champion in Greco-Roman wrestling from Moldova.

Georgy Bryusov

First Vice-President of the Russian Wrestling Federation

- The gala wrestling tournament in Moscow at the end of the season has long become a tradition. This time a new format of a compact promotion tournament with the participation of the world wrestling elite will be presented.

The first day will be held personal tournaments in the Olympic weight categories in freestyle and Greco-Roman wrestling. For different weights there will be different formulas: semi-finals and finals or a fight between two top wrestlers, whose rivalry has an interesting background. Participants are winners of the Olympic Games, world championships, Europe, Asia, America and Africa in the current Olympic cycle.

On November 30, a match will be held between the combined Russian national team in freestyle and Greco-Roman wrestling and the national team of the rest of the world.

The main plot of the Grand Prix "Moscow" will be the confrontation of the two-time Olympic champion and world champion Roman Vlasov and Olympic medalist, world and European champion Arsen Dzhulfalakyan from Armenia in weight up to 77 kg.

Arsen Julfalakyan is the son of the winner of the 1988 Olympics Levon Julfalakyan, who has been training the Armenian team for many years. Roman Vlasov is a pupil of Viktor Kuznetsov, coach Alexander Karelin. "Believe in yourself, be greedy for training, look for knowledge, never stop" , such a future champion learned from Karelin as a child. Vlasov won the youthful “Karelin Prize” three times, after which there was a very difficult shoulder fracture, a return to the carpet contrary to the forecasts of doctors and victory at two Olympic Games.

Roman Vlasov will compete in Moscow for the first time since 2007.

Vlasov defeated Dzhulfalakyan all six previous fights, including the finals of the Olympic Games in London in 2012. Last time, rivals fought at the 2015 World Cup, and not only the fans, but also the wrestlers themselves are looking forward to a new match.

Russian Sergey Emelin won his 2018 world championship debut, winning the final in weight up to 60 kg Victor Ciobanu from Moldova. And in the final of the European Championship - 2019, Ciobanu already prevailed. A new meeting could take place in the final of the World Cup - 2019, but Ciobanu did not reach this stage, losing to the Japanese Kenichiro Fumite.

Emelin also lost to him in the decisive battle.

Artyom Surkov began the season in the status of the reigning champion of the world and Europe in weight up to 67 kg. At the European Championship 2019, he lost to Atakan Yuksel of Turkey and took third place. Then at the World Championships this year, the Russian reached the finals and took silver, and Yuksel dropped out at an early stage.

Wrestling tournaments have been held in Moscow since 1994.

Then the match between the national teams of Russia and the rest of the world in Greco-Roman wrestling took place. In 2003, the absolute world freestyle wrestling championship was held, dedicated to the memory of Ivan Yarygin. In 2007, the Russian national freestyle wrestling team and the continent's national teams opposed the CSKA Open Cup, and in 2011-2017, the capital hosted the European Nations team cup in freestyle and Greco-Roman wrestling. In 2018, the world's leading teams fought for the ALROSA Team Cup, and heavyweights fought for the Ivan Yarygin Cup in the absolute category.

This year, within the framework of the Moscow Grand Prix and the ALROSA Cup, personal fights will take place on November 29, and a match between the Russian team and the world team on November 30.

Events will be held at the Irina Viner-Usmanova Gymnastics Palace, which opened this year in the Luzhniki Stadium.



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