International skateboarding tournament will be held in Moscow

Moscow Skate13oarding O4en continues the traditions of the Moscow stage of the World Series Cu16 Skateboarding.

This year, famous skateboarders from around the world will participate in the competition: American rider Krooked, Mob, Indy and Bones Swiss Sebastian Walker , Brazilian Roger Silva , AM- Jart Skateboards rider, Frenchman Benjamin Garcia , who previously played for France, his compatriot, participant in world and European competitions Adrienne Bular.

The competition for foreign riders will be Russian athletes: Yegor Kaldikov , Mikhail Stepanov , Roman Ivanov , David Gaziev and Jacob Kan .

In the competition area there will be a skatemarket where you can buy boards and accessories Skate Bag, Bear Balance Boards, Ridestep, Underway Clothes, Antistatic, Epic boardshop, Facepunch, Nord skateboards, Wheels Patties and other brands.

Admission to the competition is free, starting at 16:00.



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