Instagram of the day: spectacular landscapes by photographer Benjamin Everett

Our planet is beautiful and amazing, and nature is the most beautiful and mysterious that is on Earth. Benjamin Everett removes high snow-capped peaks, rocks, deserts and waterfalls, revealing the power of nature and the vulnerability of man to it. Each photograph is a symbol of freedom and tranquility, which can be found at the ends of the world. Through the instagram of a photo artist, everyone can see the inaccessible corners of our planet.

In 2018, Benjamin Everett received the Hasselblad Masters Photography Award in the Landscape and Nature category.

Benjamin Everett

- I got out of the car in the moonlight and under the howling wind I reached the camp by three o’clock nights. He fell asleep quickly - it was quiet, warm and calm. But after two and a half hours the alarm rang, announcing that we should get up: dawn. The sound was distant and strange, like vibrating bells and cloth in an icy wind. This is not true, I thought, my reality is warm and comfortable.

I clicked "Doze" - oops.

Jumped in twenty minutes. Running around, madness, rage. The sky explodes, the inverted forest ignites with heat, smokes and turns into steam. Gorgeous red and orange rays diverge from the sun.

Lungs burn, legs bring. The neon reflection of the sun from the tops of the mountains slowly turns from dark pink to gold and then to white. Obviously, I do not have time to get to the observation deck, but something pulls me there. Probably, when tired, there is no room for disappointment. There is an obligation to return again.

I hope Kulshan (an active volcano in the state of Washington, USA. - Ed. ) will provide such opportunity.

Benjamin Everett

- After dinner, I left the iPhone on the floor in the tent, set the auto exposure on the camera and went to melt snow for tea. Sometimes the camera captures the amazing.

I did not even think at that moment that the sky had a green tint and that clouds were floating over the valley.



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