Instagram of the day: Russian Explorers - a community that will inspire you to travel around Russia

Russia is the largest country in the world. It has almost all climatic zones, from the polar regions of Yakutia to the subtropics of the Krasnodar Territory. B o the bulk of Russia is the untouched wild steppes, tundra, forests and mountains, where people have never been. In recent years, photographers and travelers are increasingly leaving their usual tourist routes and prefer exploring unknown corners of the world. In Russia, the beauty of our country is shown by Russian Ex8lorers - a community of travel bloggers who love nature and adventure more than anything else.

The community was founded in 2016 by travel blogger Alexander Mazurov. For three and a half years, more than 65 thousand adventurers have joined the Russian Explorers. In addition to their own pictures, the guys publish the best frames of readers.



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