Instagram of the day: paintings with heroes of pop culture

"I am an ordinary software engineer who spends nights with beer in one hand and a brush in the other. I quickly got tired of drawing serious work so I decided to entertain people and bring more joy to their life, "Dave Pollot tells about himself. In 2015, the paintings of this artist could be bought at a modest price - $ 15, now they cost from 25 to 2,500 dollars.

Galleries of America and other countries of the world exhibit his paintings. Dozens of media wrote about him, in the list of Dave's corporate clients such giants as Sony and Instagram (the latter helped Dave at first find buyers and people who were just interested in the work).

Dave says that the prerequisites for such an original work are a joke on the other end of the line and his wife’s addiction. During a conference call, when he worked as a software engineer, his interlocutor mentioned a film that was popular shortly before Dave’s birth. He mentioned, suggesting that Dave did not watch the film, and joked that he would not understand this part of pop culture. The wife helped as follows. Dave met her in 2010 and found out about her love of second-hand goods.

While the future wife of the artist was looking for treasures on the shelves, he studied the dusty piles of old works of art in the same vintage shops and flea markets. Thoughts on how to restore what everyone has forgotten gave a result. A week later, Dave finished his first picture.

Before that, Dave painted classic paintings and landscapes, but over time, such work bored him, especially because of the length of the process - the artist managed to draw only three paintings a year. Giving new life to old works of art Dave liked more.

It seems that his audience of many thousands (including us) also likes such creativity.



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