Instagram of the day: comics in which you recognize yourself

Claire Hines, an illustrator from California, worked at the corporation for a long time, but then decided that she wanted to be creative. The girl creates uncomplicated collages about Kayden Hines, her alter ego, which falls into life situations familiar to everyone.

More than 77 thousand subscribers and hundreds of comments confirm: the pictures are close to most people: “This is true!”, “This is very funny!”, “You painted me! " The girl knows how, for example, it is hard to drink eight glasses of water a day and easily - four cups of coffee and four glasses of wine.

Claire began painting at five when she was presented with a dog. The girl loved her so much that she wanted to draw on every piece of paper.

Claire liked a new hobby - so she had fun during boring or important meetings. Classmates were delighted with the work and asked her to paint their dogs. A few years later, Claire accidentally came into the life of comics.

- I never drew comics until I started Instagram in October 2017. I worked in a large technology company and felt creative hunger.

Somehow I dreamed of my alter ego - Cayden Hines. She was my comedic version - I decided to draw it.

I began to portray myself when I experienced various clumsy, funny and spoiling the mood of the situation. It was ridiculous: we constantly fight ourselves, fight laziness, to be ideal people. Drawing has become my way of finding good in any life situation.

Now people look at these pictures, recognize themselves and they feel better: they understand that they are not alone in this crazy world.



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