Instagram of the day: a paratrooper who loves paragliding and mountains

Oleg Paramon - a skydiver, paraglider, climber and skier - shares photos on his Instagram every day, from which his heart literally freezes. Endless open spaces, snow-capped mountain peaks, crazy bird's-eye views, freshly snowed under the skis - it looks amazing!

Oleg Paramon

- For me, a paraglider is a rest, the calmest hobby. I have been doing parachuting for a long time and have been base jumping for seven years now. I like to go to the mountains and climb the peaks, but I do not like to go down. I discovered paragliding (this is paragliding), when I realized - why go, if you can fly away.

In fact, three pleasures at once. You rise to the top, contemplate the beauty, lay out the wing and make a flight. Soaring above the earth, forgetting about the bustle. Paragliding is freedom. You depend only on weather conditions, and that’s it.

In general, pure pleasure.

- Each ascent and flight is a new story. I rarely use the same start more than two to three times. It is always interesting to enter a new spot and fly away from it. I like to fly in sea breezes along coastlines.

He flew in seven different countries. One of the most memorable flights took place directly above the "breathing" volcano Etna in Sicily.

- Movement is life. When I go to the top, I can’t stop until I get to the very top. This is probably a struggle with oneself.

To enjoy everyday life, you must periodically put yourself to the test. Life itself inspires me - we have been given a short period of time, and I hasten to enjoy and fill my soul with emotions and impressions (my eyes help me with this). I admire Fedor Konyukhov and Valery Rozov (he, unfortunately, died) - these are people of incredible fortitude.



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