Instagram blogger posing as a biochemist and promoting unsafe “treatment” schemes

In her popular blog, Elena gives a variety of medical recommendations: from methods to combat acne to pregnancy management and treatment of constipation. Elena allegedly gives her education the right to engage in such a practice: she claimed that she graduated from Anhalt University with a master's degree in biology, Munich Technical University with a degree in organic chemistry, is a PhD student (graduate student) at the National University of Singapore and promotes advanced science. However, it turned out that things are different.

A rebuttal on the RBC website (now the article has been deleted) says:

"Together with Talantov and Gelfand, the editorial staff of RBC Style conducted an internal investigation to establish whether Elena Kornilova really has a profile Education: Requests were made to educational institutions and official answers were received from the National University of Singapore and the Munich Technical University.The representative of the first educational institution said that Elena Kornilova is not a student of the university, the representative of the second - that she did not study at it and a diploma cannot be considered authentic.

Having received this information, we decided to delete the article. We apologize to the readers. "

On the Medfront website, Peter Talantov published an investigation with a detailed analysis of the medical practices that Elena offers. Here is a small (but most frightening) passage of his article:

"Fasting usually comes down to recommending schemes: a huge amount of nutritional supplements. There are 28 tablets for women preparing for pregnancy and 26 for pregnant women.

Some are drugs that do not have no evidence of effectiveness against anything. Part of it is substances whose effects on pregnancy are not well understood.

"The benefits of taking supplements have not been found, but will not get any worse," some Elena subscribers may think. Unfortunately, this is not so. Among the recommendations are dietary supplements, containing chromium Chromium supplements are not recommended for pregnant women! Several studies have shown that higher concentrations of chromium in expectant mothers are associated with premature birth and lower fetal weight.

In the same scheme, Liver Su18port supplement containing a yellow root plant is present. biologically active alkaloids, in particular berberine. Supplements with yellow root are considered unsafe for pregnant women. Berberine taken by the mother crosses the placental barrier and can cause nuclear jaundice (brain damage caused by high amounts of indirect bilirubin in the blood) in the fetus or in the newborn when breastfeeding. It has also been proven that in rats, berberine causes uterine contractions and increases the risk of developing tumors.


Dear readers, please never be treated for online recommendations! This may be hazardous to your health.



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