Inclusive environment: how a girl with Down Syndrome teaches yoga

The transformation of Jessica from a person who is fond of hatha yoga into a professional instructor occurred rather spontaneously and unexpectedly. Jessica helped her friend, yoga teacher Molly Pennet, with classes that he taught every week in the gym of the Association of People with Down Syndrome. “One day, on the eve of class, Molly called me and said that he was ill. I asked:“ Can I replace you? ”And he answered:“ Yes. ”Since then, I have been teaching.

Many thanks to Molly for his yes, "says Parsons. "We were very surprised that Jess was able to conduct a full-time lesson," says Sue Ann's mother, emphasizing that many teachers find it difficult to build verbal communication with students - they cannot help them tune into the right wave and not lose concentration in ten minutes after the start of the lesson. "It wasn’t easy, but she did it. She did it as if she had countless years of practice behind her. So now Jess is teaching, and Molly is assisting her.


Since then, much of Parsons’s life has changed - she completed a 200-hour training course, received a diploma, along with her two sisters, Lauren and Emily, released a DVD called Yoga by Teens with lessons for beginners and In addition to other projects, she began teaching at the largest Alpha Resource Center, where experienced professionals provide assistance and support to people with various developmental disabilities.



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