In Yekaterinburg appeared LGBT-friendly-fitness club

Fitness club "Positive" in Yekaterinburg has been operating for a long time, but in June this year it changed its leadership. The new owner, Vladimir Kochnev, turned to the LGBT resource center in Yekaterinburg and suggested making his club friendly for the LGBT community, Itʼs My City reports.

"We do not call ourselves an LGBT beauty salon and do not promote anything, we are just a friendly place that accepts all clients, so I’m absolutely not afraid of negativity, because I don’t see big reasons for it," said Kochnev.

The club now has gender-neutral toilets. Soon there will be LGBT symbols and employees from the LGBT community will begin to work.

Kochnev emphasizes that friendship in the club will be manifested in the atmosphere, and not in advertising slogans.

"Female and male couples need spaces where they will be accepted. After all, even kissing each other on the cheek when saying goodbye in the fitness center is a risk of unwanted attention: the risk of being ridiculed or getting comments addressed. Friendly this will not happen, ”said Vincent Tulyankin, representative of the LGBT Resource Center in Yekaterinburg.



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