In Valencia, set a world record in the half marathon

Kenyan Abraham Kiptum was the first to finish the half marathon last October with a result of 58 minutes 18 seconds.

The previous record was 5 seconds longer - it was set by Zersenai Tadese from Eritrea in 2010 at the half marathon in Lisbon

The second and third times in Valencia were shown by representatives of Ethiopia: Jemal Yimer Mekonnen (58:33) and Abadi Hadith Embaye (58:44).

Among the women, the Ethiopian Zhelet Burka won with a result of 1:06:11, the second came to the finish line Aliya Mohammed Said from the UAE (1:06:13), the third - Edith Chelimo from Kenya ( 1:06:18).

Photo: ESPN

This time in Valencia there were perfect weather conditions for a new record -11 degrees and no wind. The half marathon route has the golden IAAF status.

Last year, the women's record in the half marathon by compatriot Kiptum Joysilin Dzepkosgei was also broken here.



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