In three cities of Russia will be a festival-trip

On August 1, in the New Tretyakov Gallery, viewers will see the one-day performance promenade, “Cork of the World”. The production involves more than 100 artists. Participants will play mini-performances inside retro cars, make installations and share real stories. Looking into the cars, the audience will meet famous people and will be able to chat with them.

On August 3, Friday, the composition of the world train will become the stage space .

It will consist of 11 different cars, in which performances and musical improvisations will take place. The event will take four hours - while the train will go from Moscow to Vladimir. The participants of the show will be Liquid Theater, Yuri Kvyatkovsky, Asya Sorshneva, Peter Aidu, Miriam Sekhon, Lyubov Tolkalina and others.

On August 4, a “Bench of Peace” will be organized in the Suzdal Kremlin. On this day, artists will paint shops based on author's sketches and create fiery sculptures on the Kamenka River.

They will also conduct theatrical experiments.

Pre-registration is required to participate in events. You can find out the schedule of the festival and register here . Look for detailed information in the official groups " Vkontakte" or " Instagram" .



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