In the studio of the project "Taste & Color" began to teach a yoga master from India

A certified hatha yoga teacher Kamar Kamarudin will conduct classes in three areas of yoga.

Kamar was born in the Indian state of Kerala and was trained in the best ashrams of the country: he is certified by the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Dhanvantari Ashram and Worldwide Yoga Alliance. From November, Kamar will conduct classes at Yoga Studio. am18; Practice of the project "Taste. Am21; color".

In the studio of the project

Kamar Kamarudin

Kamar Kamarudin has three directions: ashtanga-vinyasa yoga (a system of physical and respiratory exercises in which consistency, the right attitude, high concentration of consciousness), power yoga (this practice requires good physical preparation, diligence and endurance) and yoga stretching (Tibetan stretching technique).

Yoga Studio. amp; Practice of the project “Taste. Amp; color” is located in the territory of the Flacon design factory. You can sign up for classes and get additional information on the website yoga.

vkusicvet. com or by calling 8 (800) 770-70-28.



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