In the studio "dance" launched morning training

The new program started on November 23 with a fitness rave of the "Dawn Party".

The format of morning fitness raves originated in the United States and quickly became popular around the world. The first rave of the "Dawn Party" in the dance center "Dancers" was visited by 50 Muscovites. They were waiting for a charge from instructor Nikita Morozov, dancehall training with Inga Fominykh and an hour of dancing under a special set from DJ Nosense and Deeblaq.

In the studio

Photo: "Dawn Party"

The group of such morning exercises, “Charging,” led by Nikita Morozov, started at the dance center “PROTANZA” on November 27th.

Classes are held every Tuesday and Thursday from 8:30 to 9:30. They are designed for people with an average level of training: the program includes high-intensity exercises that will help the body wake up and recharge with energy for the whole day.

The next fitness rave of "Dawn Party" will be held on December 23. You can register for it on the site zrprt. ru .



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