In the restuarant "ObedBufet" played "delicious football"

According to the rules of football, the match was held in two halves. The game began with a battle of salads, which the participants of the “match” prepared themselves. Assistants were the cooks of the RestoBufet restomarket. Ruslan Nigmatullin chose Caesar salad, and Natalie Makienko settled on a mix of arugula, strawberries and mozzarella. The footballer said that he cooks well, his rival said that she also enjoys the process and often cooks herself.

Both participants coped with the task of the first round, but Natalie won, as she received the majority of the guests' votes. Everyone could try the competitive dishes.

In the second half, Ruslan and Natalie fought in a kicker - table football. The nutritionist again won the victory, as the young man was clearly playing along with his rival.

All salads that “participated” in the star duel will now be presented in the ObedBufet restorative stores.



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