In the mountains after 50 years: 4 women tell why they climb the peaks

In the mountains after 50 years: 4 women tell why they climb the peaks

Photo: from the personal archive of Valentina

- В I have been to the mountains many times: five in Altai, one in Elbrus, five in the Himalayas, in India. Mountains always pulled me. I wanted to test myself, find out what I am capable of. In 2013, I first went into real snow, tried to climb to the top of Belukha with friends. It was real mountaineering.

Unfortunately, I could not reach the summit, only up to 4,200 meters, but this is still impossible to forget. And last year we managed to visit Elbrus and climb higher, by 4,700 meters. It was, however, very difficult.

In the mountains, when you overcome yourself, a reservoir of forces opens, a change of values ​​and a rethinking of life experience take place. You begin to think about the meaning of life.

For the first time doubts arose, dissatisfaction with the unusual, uncomfortable living conditions. But in the mountains the principle "for itself" does not work. The law of the team works in the mountains. You must completely trust the guide and the team. Only in this way you truly understand what friendship is.

We must come as a team, then there will be no problems, everyone will return healthy, even beginners. And if there is no faith and trust, the mountains are not allowed. You can even get sick.

To be honest, I don’t feel my age. When they ask me how old I am, I think about it.



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