In the "Garage" will open the exhibition "The Coming World: Ecology as a New Policy. 2030-2100 "

The exhibition will be opened by the site-specific-performance of the Norwegian artist Turi Vrones. Several large-scale immersive installations will also be presented. American video artist Dag Aitken will show his new work "Garden", the German-Swiss theater group Rimini Protokoll - WIN. gt ;. lt; WIN, and the young Moscow artist Anastasia Potemkina - "Could you pass me the salt?"

Among the exhibitors - a young British artist Laurence, working with virtual reality, an Italian self-taught artist of world renown Maurizio Cattelan, American art feminist Martha Rosler, a duet of Chinese artists Sun Yuan and Peng Yu.

You can find out the exhibition program and details on the project website.



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