In the fitness club "FitnessMania" passed the Brutal Challenge

On March 6, the Brutal Challenge, an exclusive comprehensive sports program, was attended by a total of 60 people who managed to register first at the new generation of FitnessMania sports club. The hosts of the event were Maxim Shcherbakov, trainer of the fitness club and Black Star Doni, a representative of the hip-hop label.

The main emphasis in the "brutal challenge" coaches did on strength exercises, which involve almost all muscle groups and require good physical preparation. Despite the complexity, almost all the participants coped with them, including the girls. The power block was followed by an athletic one, including running, push-ups, aerobic exercise, wrestling, and much more.

The challenge ended with awarding the most active participants with gifts from FitnessMania and Black Star Wear.

You can learn more about the FitnessMania sports club and sign up for training on the website fitnessmania-mdm. ru or by phone +7 (495) 432-61-73.



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