In the European Union countries have banned plastic dishes

571 members of the European Parliament voted for the bill (53 against). It is expected that the decision will enter into force by 2021 in 28 countries of the European Union (including the UK, which is still undergoing the Brexit procedure).

Not only plastic utensils and appliances, but cotton buds, cocktail tubes and balloons holders will be banned. For all these things, there is an alternative to decaying paper or cardboard.

The next step is to limit by 2025 to 25% of the remaining disposable plastic products.

The bill will affect cigarette manufacturers: the amount of plastic in the filters should decrease by 50%, and by 2030 - by 80%. Another ambitious task is to achieve the collection and disposal of 90% of plastic bottles by 2025. They constitute up to 20% of all marine plastic.

In the European Union countries have banned plastic dishes

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The campaign against the use of plastic dishes unfolded in the EU countries earlier this year after broadcasting a number of documentaries: one of them is the David series Attenborough "Blue Planet" on the BBC.

According to the report, which was prepared by the authors of the bill, annually up to 150 thousand tons of plastic are in European waters (and in the world this figure is close to eight million). Not only marine animals and birds die from this, but people also suffer: eating sick fish and seafood can affect health (research continues).



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