In St. Petersburg, closed a cafe with free lunches for senior citizens

In St. Petersburg, local authorities


the Dobrodomik cafe on Vasilyevsky Island, where they fed pensioners lunches for free. The reason for the closure was graffiti on the wall, the wrong sign and a bag of garbage at the entrance. Employees of the administration of Vasileostrovsky district


that they arrived with a check after a complaint about poisoning in a cafe and found several violations. But, according to them, nobody closed the cafe.

"We do not have the right to close establishments, and, of course, the employees didn’t say this. Perhaps there was a" spoiled phone "because the owner of the cafe was away," said Lyubov, head of the consumer market department Tkachenko.

"Until Monday, they were given time to eliminate the violations and provide documents. But usually when they violate the first time, entrepreneurs will not be fined, and if possible, a warning will be issued," officials added.

We contacted the management of Dobrodomika and asked for comment on the closure of the cafe.



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