“In order to win, you need to know that you are the people who care!” Stories of schoolchildren who won the Olympics

8 years old, school number 17 of Moscow. The winner of the school Olympiad "Olympus-17" in mathematics among the second classes.

- I like mathematics for a long time, I like to solve interesting problems, puzzles, read mathematical books (Levshina). But the math is also different, that’s what we study at school is not always interesting, especially at school it’s still important how you write numbers, and this is not always good for me. But in additional classes in mathematics they tell us that we do not go through school, there are a lot of interesting problems, such as those given at olympiads.

We started writing the Olympics in the first grade, online, on the Uchi portal. RU. Sometimes they wrote at home, sometimes at school. At home, of course, it’s generally easy - you sit in your room, you can ask your parents something. The classroom is already harder.

We first wrote the school olympiad in the classroom. Those who did the best were in the semifinals. It already selected three guys who will write from our department. Before the semi-finals, the teacher was additionally engaged with us, and at the maths lessons we were given other tasks to solve, not like the rest of the guys. Instead of homework, we at home solved problems from various past Olympiads.

That was super, I would like to continue to study like that! As a result, two of us came to the finals from our class, me and Nina, she took third place in the finals.

We wrote the finale in another complex. Of course, they were worried, but there were familiar guys, and it reassured. Usually you worry more until you start to decide, and then you think about tasks, not worries. Especially if you cannot solve a problem at once, and then once - and you solve it, it is very joyful and pleasant.

It was not very difficult for me at the finals, probably because I was well prepared. The tasks for me were quite easy, I was even afraid to make a mistake because of this - when it's easy, you relax and you can make a mistake due to carelessness. When the results became known, our teacher wrote to the group of our class on WhatsA1820 that Nina and I had won, all of us began to congratulate us, it was so great that the adults congratulate us. Mom of one of my classmates congratulated us and put a saxophone badge for me (I’m learning to play the saxophone) and a flower for Nina - it was incredibly nice!

In the fall, I already participated in the Autumn Olympus and received a third degree diploma. At first I was upset, but then it turned out that this was a very good result, since there were 700 people in all second-graders, and 12 people got diplomas like mine.

By the way, here at this Olympiad I was very worried - an unfamiliar room, strangers. From excitement, I even inattentively read some tasks and because of this I incorrectly solved.

In the Olympics, I will definitely continue to participate, and not only in school ones. But it is very important to go to the Olympics with the right attitude. We agreed with our parents that victory is not very important for us, the main thing is to enjoy solving interesting problems.

But now, after my victory, I already want to win.



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