In Moscow will be held "Day of Good Deeds"

On April 15, Muscovites will be able to join the global initiative of the Hillel Foundation and take part in one of ten charity events.

"Day of Good Deeds" - a charity event of the worldwide Jewish youth organization "Hillel", which was first held in Israel in 2007 year. This time, for the sake of good deeds, more than two million volunteers from 9,000 cities in 70 countries will unite.

In Moscow will be held

Photo: "Hillel"

In Moscow will be held

Photo: Hillel

In Moscow, as part of the Day of Good Deeds You can take part in one of ten charity events.

  1. Walked the dogs in the shelters "Iskra" and "Red Pine" (animals - wards of the Ray Fund).

  2. An open theater in the courtyard of the Russian Children's Clinical Hospital (together with the Doctor Clown Foundation, the volunteers will make a real show for young patients).
  3. Cleaning of the territory of the Moskvoretsky and Krylatsky parks (together with ecologists of MosPrirody).
  4. Donor action "Knocking on the hearts" (together with the National Health Development Fund and the blood transfusion station).
  5. Assistance in sorting products for humanitarian parcels of the Rus food fund.
  6. Household work in the Quiet House (in a shelter for deaf and dumb people under the patronage of the Co-Union Foundation).

  7. Signing of greeting cards on May 9 for single elderly people (wards of the Old Age in Joy fund).
  8. Thejoyofsocks Worldwide Promotion (collecting socks for people without a fixed place of residence with the participation of the Friends on the Street movement).
  9. Charity goods market in the pavilion of the Museum of Moscow.
  10. At the main entrance of the Flacon design factory there is a chalkboard “The world will become better if I ..

    .”, where everyone can write one phrase - what contribution he can make to the improvement of the world around him to deposit.

To join the "Day of Good Deeds", you need to register on the site hillel. com / doinggood and choose any of the charity events.



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