In Moscow they will put on an immersive experiment about feelings "Five"

Only for 17 days will an interactive space with 23 rooms be created on the territory of the Flacon design factory. Each of them has its original content: from augmented reality and objects with artificial intelligence to laser installations and 3D projections. The participants in the experiment to study their own emotions and feelings will have to manage the plot themselves, which will vary depending on their actions (55 storylines have been developed in total). The test takes 80 minutes.

According to the authors of the Five project, the main idea of ​​the project is "an attempt to understand how such concepts as love, despair, fear, joy and anger have transformed in the modern world.

" What emotions and feelings each participant will explore depends on his choice.

In Moscow they will put on an immersive experiment about feelings

The theater participated in the development of the project Director, psychologists, sociologists, neurolinguists, programmers, actors, screenwriters, application developers, musicians and other specialists.

In Moscow, the Five experiment will be presented from January 4 to 20, after which it will go first to St. Petersburg and then to European capitals. Additional information is available on the website of the project.

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