In Moscow, the festival of art and winemaking El Día De La Rioja

Residents of Rioja celebrate the holiday of El Día De La Rioja in early summer since 1982. This year the festival of the same name was held in Moscow. The event was organized by the Cam8o Viejo brand - a world leader among wine producers from the province of Rioja. The festival brought together several hundred guests, among whom were Vasily Tsereteli and Kira Sakarello, Artyom Korolev, Olga Ushakova, Daria Mikhalkova, Anfisa Chernykh, Vyacheslav Glushkov, Konstantin Gaidai and others.

During the festival, the collaboration of the Campo Viejo brand and the representative of Russian contemporary art and street art Alexei Luka was presented.

The artist created an interactive art object in the form of a wheel of fortune with an abstract image of the winery. According to the author, the work reflects the complex winemaking process and refers to the characteristic features of the province of Rioja.

In addition to kite shows, costume performances of dancers, stilts and performances by Gayana, all guests were waiting for traditional Spanish food in the street food format - a variety of tapas, jamon and paella - which harmoniously combined with wines from Rioja.



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