In 2020, the running season will begin in February

This year's running season will begin earlier than usual! Already on February 16, the Running Community will hold its first winter start in the room - the track and field athletics competition "Speed".

Participants of the launch "Speed" will be able to test themselves at short and medium distances. It’s not in vain that the competition has such a name - distances from 60 to 3000 meters, as well as the relay race 4 x 200 meters require runners much higher speeds than the usual 10 km, half marathon or marathon.

In 2020, the running season will begin in February

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Event will be held on the territory of the athletics arena NRU MGSU (Moscow, Yaroslavl sh.

, d. 26, building 4). If for some reason you still do not dare to go on the track, come see the races as a spectator - it is the spectators who turn a sporting event into a celebration. Support your friends and feel free to cheer on unfamiliar runners. The entrance to the arena will be open to all.

Schedule and event details - click on the link speedrace. runc. run. Registration for other Running Community races is open at runc. run.



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