Improving walking instead of drugs - how to walk correctly

Walking is a great way to tone the body and improve your health. But after all, each person already walks a certain distance with his feet daily? Only benefit from this procedure is not felt by everyone. Why? Maybe something is wrong?

Improving walking instead of drugs - how to walk correctly

What walking is good?

In fact, walking and walking, for example, to work are one and the same, with the exception of some nuances. To get the most out of walking, try some of the proven tips.

Technique of movements

To your muscles do not get tired, monitor the correct posture.

Take your pelvis back, chest forward, straighten your shoulders. Sometimes it takes a long walk. Stooping in this case will quickly tire you, and unpleasant pain will appear in your back and shoulders. Such walking gives only stress.

Choose the length of the step yourself.

Their hands should be given freedom. Do not limit them. If you want to move your hands while walking, do it. No need to cross them on the chest or put them in pockets. Let your hands move with every step.

If you want to increase the fat-burning effect of your lesson, get sticks and go Nordic walking.


How to breathe properly when walking: inhale through the nose, exhale through the mouth. Get used to this rhythm, that's how they breathe while running.

Even those who have a stuffy nose at rest can often do without vasoconstrictive drops. Please note that during physical activity it becomes easier to breathe - magic, right?

To better ventilate the lungs, periodically inhale the maximum amount of air, and then take a full breath.

You shouldn’t breathe like that all the time - your head may spin. But once every 2-3 minutes - very handy. Just inhale slowly and deeply. If you pay attention to breathing, then the benefits of walking will increase significantly.

Speed ​​and heart rate

It is important to consider what the heart rate should be when walking.

Its value is affected by the speed of your steps and the features of the road (incline, cover, etc.).

It makes sense for healthy people to choose such a load when walking will be a little difficult, but comfortable. That is, it should be difficult to conduct a long conversation while walking, but at the same time you should be able to say a couple of phrases.

You can monitor the pulse based on your feelings.

If there is discomfort in the chest, you go too fast. And it’s best to use a heart rate monitor. Make sure your heart does not beat faster than 100 beats per minute. For walking, this is optimal. Further acceleration of the heart is characteristic of running.

For a person prepared in the physical plane, cardiopulmonary implies a fairly high pace.

People with heart disease should carefully monitor their heartbeat. Make sure that during your walk you have a normal heart rate (80-90 beats per minute).This gives an additional guarantee that you will not harm yourself. Over time, when the cardiovascular system is a little stronger, you can increase the pace of walking.

Depending on your physical fitness and state of health, the optimal speed for you will be different. The dependence is direct - the better your preparation, the faster you should walk. The average walking speed is 4-7 km per hour. The benefit of walking fast is not only in health, but also in the training effect on the body.

And the healing effect is achieved due to the fact that the heart begins to beat somewhat more actively than at rest, and the lungs are deeply ventilated.

Healthy thoughts

Mood and mood play a big role in any business. Let's just say that, not even big, but decisive. If you do something without a mood, the result will be weak, perhaps even completely unsuccessful.

You should focus on your sensations while walking, be aware that you are treating yourself, that your path is wellness walking, and not a trip from point A to B. Then your body will “tune” to self healing.

Our thoughts determine our existence, no matter what the skeptics say. For some, let it be some kind of magic, and for others, complex physiological processes associated with hormonal regulation. Yes, it is with her. Thought sets the body to a specific mode of operation, this is partly the essence of psychotherapeutic auto-training.

If you just go somewhere and your mood cannot be called good, this is not a wellness event.

External conditions

If you went for a walk in cold or damp weather, you are more likely to catch a cold. There is nothing wellness here. Although, for the sake of fairness, it is worth saying that for some such a walk can cause a hardening effect. Some have. The rest will end with ARI.

And if you also wet your feet and freeze well, you risk, in general, getting sick in full.

Therefore, walking for health implies good and warm weather, comfortable conditions. If you live in the northern region, get a set of clothes that will reliably protect you from rain and cold wind.

Improving walking instead of drugs - how to walk correctly

Walking instead of drugs is relevant when you are appropriately dressed. If you could walk naked in the warm season, this would be the best robe.

But in our world they will not understand you. Therefore, buy comfortable and high-quality items designed for an active lifestyle.

It is necessary that clothing remove moisture outside, retain heat in cold times and cool in hot weather.

If you travel long distances, take a backpack with a bottle of water. This will help to avoid dehydration.

A very important environmental factor is air, or rather, its degree of purity. Walking near the paint factory is unlikely to benefit you.On the contrary, you may even experience itching in the nasopharynx and heaviness in the chest. This is not good, but sheer harm. The same can be said about walks along the roadway.

The best place is a park area or forest.

After all, we all know that plants are photosynthetics. Give them enough sunlight, and they literally flood oxygen with their environment. It’s just for us. Any blade of grass, and especially a tree, produces oxygen throughout its entire green period.

Some remarks

  1. Walking in the morning will be very productive. She will cheer up before a working day and speed up the metabolism. Thus, you can eat more food and not worry about your figure.
  2. Walking is good for losing weight. Long walks are a good opportunity to spend extra calories.

  3. If you have flat feet - get orthopedic insoles. Without them, it is harmful to walk for a long time. If the joints are sore, try not to overload them.
  4. Walking can bring not only benefit, but also harm. Yes, harm can be done in this safe way of traveling, if you constantly exhaust yourself.

The effect of walking on the body

Except in extreme cases, any walking is good for health. Does walking help to develop the cardiovascular and respiratory system - yes, to tone the muscles - yes, to improve the mood - yes too.

But walking instead of medicine, unfortunately, cannot always be used. Let's just say that the pedestrian mode of transportation helps in the initial stages of many diseases and serves as their prevention. But when the disease has already manifested itself, this medicine is no longer so effective.

In other words, prevention is always easier than cure.

In order to better understand the usefulness of walking, let's look at how it generally affects our body.

The mechanism of action of walking:

  • The use of walking for the heart is known - it trains in a very loyal mode.
  • The breathing when walking is a little deeper than at rest. So our lungs are ventilated.

    Did you know that there is a so-called residual lung volume? At rest, part of the air is constantly in the lungs and does not leave them even during exhalation. Walking allows you to effectively update almost the entire volume of the lung.

  • Acceleration of the pulse allows blood to deliver nutrients and oxygen to the cells and tissues of the body faster and more efficiently.
  • Muscles stiffen while walking. This is not enough for them to grow, but it is enough to ensure that they are not in good shape.

  • The load on the articular system stimulates the renewal and regeneration of cartilage tissue.
  • Walking is useful for men and women also because the movement of the legs improves blood circulation in the pelvis, helping to eliminate stagnation.


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