“I’m a little disgusted to be a civil servant”: 5 stories of people who work in one place for more than 10 years

Some psychologists advise changing jobs every 5-7 years: in their opinion, this way you can avoid tiredness from routine and accelerate professional growth. We decided to talk with those who for more than ten years have chosen the decision not to leave their company.

- I have been working on the TV Center channel as the editor-in-chief of the morning program for a total of 12 years. There I went a pretty long way: I was a correspondent, editor, heading writer, sometimes I replace screenwriters and a head editor when they are on vacation. I make several headings myself, while I oversee other ones - I follow their filling, I read texts, I go to the set with the authors.

At the age of eight, I decided that I would be a journalist, although I probably didn’t fully understand what this meant, but in the end I finished journalism. I never dreamed of working on television and thought that I would be engaged in investigative journalism in a newspaper or magazine. But it so happened that I got on television and settled there.

- I like my work and the program where I work, and the topics that I do: design, creativity, animals, food, sports, life style, human stories. I would not call what I do, real journalism in my understanding, although, probably, it is informative or entertaining journalism.

My program is rather narrow in terms of diverse experience, so I often had parallel projects. For example, I was a screenwriter on large musical projects, in popular science projects, worked a bit in documentary films and in the news. By the way, the news didn’t work out for me at all - I couldn’t manage to work in such a hard rhythm, I always had a lot of typos in the texts, I didn’t grow there and at some moment admitted to myself that this is my weak point, that I’m hardly will I ever succeed here.

I didn’t plan to work on the TV Center for so long, but I was comfortable there, and somehow it all came together: people, the specifics of the work, I’m not ashamed to say what I do. I am not ashamed to say that I work in the morning program and make headings about food and design.

Maybe these are not action-packed reports, but nevertheless this is a good story. On some other channels and with some people on TV, I was uncomfortable working, although their ratings were higher, some projects were larger, and the salary was higher.

- When you spend 80% of your life at work, you don’t want to spend it on self-destruction, worries, doubts and self-digging. Money is not in the first place.

- For almost 15 years I have been working in the regional Department for the Protection of Cultural Heritage Objects (OKN), the last three years - as an adviser.

This all sounds probably beautiful, but in reality my work is connected with a large number of papers: answers to inquiries, appeals, registration of passports and security obligations for objects of cultural heritage, communication with visitors. When I was at university, I dreamed that my work was connected with the English language, and indeed with foreign languages. The story was also interesting to me: my uncle and aunt archaeologists, so I did not spend the summer in camps, but in archaeological expeditions. In 2003, in my fifth year, I got a job in the Inspection for the Protection of Windows. Thought it was temporary.

I was quickly captured by work: traveling around the region, close acquaintance with the monuments and their history ... That's just the language did not come in handy.

I left the managerial position for financial reasons.

At that time, my mother was seriously ill, and in the inspection my salary was often delayed. Although the salary in the new department was initially lower, it was important for me then to know that I would receive it on time. Unfortunately, two weeks later my mother died. Sometimes I think that it was necessary to return to the inspection, but in fact nothing would have changed.

- I never dreamed of being an official.

Rather, it’s even a little disgusting to be a civil servant, especially when you see everything from the inside. I try very hard not to lose my humanity and ability to understand people, although sometimes it can be difficult. You need to break yourself in order to work here calmly. I don’t want to break myself, but I can’t leave yet.

I am trying to somehow exist in this system with my own values ​​and views.

Now it’s just a job that pays money. I would very much like to move to another place, but in my city it is not so simple (at the request of the heroine we can’t name the city. We can only say that about a million people live in it. - Approx. Ed.

) Mostly required are either salespeople or programmers. There is an outlet that allows you to not completely go crazy - this is helping homeless animals and dancing. I dream someday to create a charity fund to help homeless animals and open a shelter for them.

- I worked for 12 years at Aelita Software. Once I came there as a technical writer, I did not have any special skills, I knew only English.

For several years, I figured out the products and the subject area, worked in technical support and gradually moved to product management. At first the company was small, then it was bought by a larger company, and then an even larger one. A bureaucracy appeared there, and interesting ideas sometimes hung - it was difficult to find someone who would take responsibility for the decision. Then several of my colleagues left this company, created a new one and invited me. For the past five years I have been managing the product management department at Netwrix.

We produce software for tracking changes and data access rights in corporate networks. This is necessary for security and for the normal operation of systems and applications. Here I was primarily attracted by the opportunity to participate in the development of the company: I understood what exactly I could do for this.

- Now it’s hard to remember what I dreamed about when I was at university, but obviously not about the software world. I entered the theater academy at the department of stage engineering and technology.

Could become an artist-technologist, but did not finish his studies, left the third year.

My work is partly similar to what the "techies" in the theater do. The stage designer is a person who translates the desires and ideas of the director and his team into tasks for those who ultimately create the result. The work of the product manager is very similar in many ways: there are some needs on the market that can be found out in a huge number of different ways, and there are super-talented developers who are ready to solve complex problems. My department is just translating the language of the market into the language of requirements that can be sent to development.

There are many reasons why I have been working there for so long. I like to see how we solve specific problems of specific people, make their life and work easier and safer. I like the team with whom we are building this company. Plus, in the field of IT in general, it is never boring - something is constantly changing, new systems, tasks and solutions appear.

- The world of technology in 2001 (when I was just starting to work in this area) and in 2018 - these are completely different worlds, and watch this really curious.

- I work as a translator in the head office of a large industrial holding company for 13 years. I work in my specialty, although during my studies I did not think that I would associate my life with this profession, therefore, I received an education in marketing.

I got a job in this company right after moving to Petersburg. I learned about it from friends, sent a resume - and the next day I was offered a vacancy. For me, all these events were a miracle.

Relocate and immediately get an interesting job in the very center of St. Petersburg, in an old mansion!

A translator’s career develops more horizontally than vertically. Therefore, when you go up the career ladder, there may not be time for translation - you have to be distracted by administrative work. I have my own projects, sometimes I take on managerial functions when I need to temporarily replace my boss.

- I like the translation process more: digging in words, professional vocabulary, editing, the ability to delve into topics.

I love working with legal and financial topics. Contracts, notarization, claims, court decisions, international law - this is for me the most interesting. I like to bury myself, to be surrounded by codes and to understand how to say it in Russian.

Our company is huge, something always happens in it, it boils, changes, there is no feeling of stagnation or boredom. I have not thought about another place yet.

I have a wonderful team, we are all good friends and spend time together not only at work. Plus, the employer provides stability, decent compensation, a social package.

- I work for a company that produces dishes. I have been there since 2010. By profession, I am a mechanical engineer of instruments and systems of film and television.

When I entered the university, I did not have a clear idea of ​​what I wanted to do, but I definitely did not dream of working as an engineer. After graduation, I wanted to get into the field of television, but then without an acquaintance they took an editor for 10,000 rubles, and I could not afford not to earn.

I got to my current job by chance, rather, from hopelessness. My friend worked there in a chemical laboratory and, when she began to look for a replacement, invited me. I very much doubted: I did not know chemistry at all, but decided to try.

The first year I worked in a chemical laboratory during production, pulling up chemistry. Then I realized that I wanted more, and asked the chief engineer to take me to the post of technologist.

- Then there was a period when there was a lot of everything interesting, because everything happened for the first time. I wanted to strive, do more and represent something. Over time, of course, I got used to everything and began to get tired.

Now, after eight years, the work does not bring as much pleasure as in the beginning, I force myself to go there. Despite the fact that I managed to acquire a certain status and gained confidence that I am the right person, I do not get satisfaction from this work. Thoughts about changing jobs arise regularly, I often look at vacancies and offers in the city, but I don’t leave - I have a very clear budget for the month, I don’t have the opportunity to leave less than now. And there is a fear of a new job that I, for example, will not be able to go through a probationary period or fall under reduction, and I can’t not work. Therefore, while I'm sitting there.

Dances save me from all this routine - they appeared in my life several years ago and help me to unload emotionally.

- I understand that at this work I just live to see when I will pay off all loans and debts. I want a completely different one.

I would be interested to try myself as an organizer of events. I already have little experience in organizing dance festivals, and I enjoy this process.

But for now, it's all in a dream.



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