IKEA released accessories for people with disabilities

The Swedish furniture brand has developed accessories for its furniture for people with disabilities to make it convenient to use.

The IKEA Israel division together with non-profit organizations Milbat and Access Israel took up the sale of such goods. Fixtures from the IKEA ThisAbles line, which are attached to furniture, are available on the project website along with free 3D printing schemes.

IKEA released accessories for people with disabilities

appeared on the IKEA Israel channel video tutorials on how to use

these simple devices. Among them are, for example, a mount for a cane on a bed, a device for conveniently opening doors, a plastic overlay to protect the glass cabinet from impacts of a wheelchair and other accessories.

According to

estimates The World Health Organization,

, about one billion people in the world have some form of disability. According to official figures, in Russia with a disability


almost twelve million people. At the same time, they face many


, for example, the lack of an accessible environment: many people with disabilities cannot get access to disability benefits packages.



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