Ice cream producer MiniMe and Anna Khilkevich hold a challenge to maintain a slim figure

The brand of low-calorie MiniMe ice cream and actress Anna Khilkevich held a summer motivational challenge on Instagram, in which everyone was sharing the secrets of harmony.

Under the hashtag # ЗОЖ_me, users talked about life hacks that help them stay fit and enjoy the joys of summer. Each week, a jury awarded authors of the best tips. The winners received a tour to a spa hotel in Sochi, five healthy dinners for two from the Yandex. Chef service and ten sets of low-calorie miniMe ice cream.

The Iceberry company produces MiniMe ice cream according to GOST from natural milk with the addition of fruit puree and berries. One portion of fruit popsicle MiniMe contains 80 kcal, a portion of sorbet - 96 kcal or 120 kcal. You can buy ice cream at Auchan, Magnet, Crossroads and other federal networks.



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