"I was looking for a way to not just lose weight - I wanted to change my habits." Anton Kozlov, founder of 4fresh, about how he lost 54 kilograms

Anton Kozlov, the founder of 4fresh eco-market, like no one else knows: a personal example is the best way to inspire others to difficult and cool goals. So, at one of the corporate parties, Anton made a promise that he would lose 54 kilograms in a year. He promised and lost weight. How exactly - read below (everything turned out to be quite difficult).

" Anton Kozlov, founder of 4fresh, about how he lost 54 kilograms" title=""I was looking for a way to not just lose weight - I wanted to change my habits." Anton Kozlov, founder of 4fresh, about how he lost 54 kilograms" src="/assets/images/68617b26badc4df8c00c876b0308a758/984b70e2a3621d08cdc27e1e28d98643.jpg">

Anton Kozlov

- For the past seven years, my weight has ranged from 120 to 133 kilograms. I thought a lot about how it happened, and I came to the conclusion that it was all about stress and the incredible rhythm of life. I remember one friend of mine said: " If you want to feel nothing in this life, do everything very quickly ." Our company


is growing every year, transforming at a terrible speed.

With such a life, you miss a lot, do not pay attention to something. I remember, when I was still at university, I had the thought: okay, my appearance didn’t work out, so I will focus on brains. I loved chess at that time, but, unfortunately, rearranging pawns on a chessboard consumes fewer calories than a marathon.

One-sided skewing leads to the fact that some areas are simply ignored. However, thanks to 4fresh, I began to think.

When you do something positive, you start projecting it onto yourself. I began to ask myself questions - what am I doing, why, for whom, what is the value of this in general.

Five years ago, I already made attempts to change something, but all of them proceeded not from the need to deal with excess weight, but from the need to achieve some other micro-goals. One such goal was to win a dispute with a friend. He came to me and said: “Listen, it won’t do that.

I want my friend to be not only successful, but also healthy.” We argued for money that I could lose 30 kilograms (I then weighed 130). Yes, I won, but after some time we argued more - I won, then lost. In general, some kind of frantic race began.

My main incentive was not health, but victory.

I wanted to beat a friend. And this is a bad model. Now I try not to argue anymore and not get involved in all these manipulative things, where someone needs to prove something.

- Yes, sometimes an argument can inspire something good. Plus - if you win, you get money.

But, in fact, it's like fast carbohydrates - the effect does not last long. The argument is over - there is no more incentive.

Anton Kozlov

This time - despite the fact that everything was different - the dispute was also present.

However, I first set a goal, planned everything, and then I decided to argue. To, so to speak, rob all unbelievers. But the motive was different. Our company has a “3 + 1” motivation system: we are trying to push each employee to some goal, both personal and professional (“1” is just a personal goal). At some point, I noticed that there are very few people who set goals and achieve them.

And in January 2017 at the corporate party, I announced my goal - to lose weight by 54 kilograms. By my example, I wanted to inspire others. And what do you think? This year we have not 40 goals, but 72. In general, is nothing better than a personal example and one hundred percent honesty, have not yet been invented.

My case is not the story of a dude who was pulled out of McDonald's and forced to lose weight.

Not. In general, we believe that getting a person out of McDonald’s is very difficult, but from a marketing point of view it’s also very expensive (switching from the left to the right is super difficult, everyone will die on the way). At 4fresh, we have a clear understanding of the audience - we focus on people who are already “hooked” on some side of a healthy lifestyle. For example, they read The Challenger or go jogging once a week. With losing weight in the same way.

For example, I previously made attempts, was "hooked" on the healthy lifestyle, but something was missing for me. And my goal was to collect the missing pieces and build them into the system.

- I was looking for a way not just to lose weight, but to change my habits, change my lifestyle - this is much more difficult. It seemed to me that if I did this, then losing weight would be a natural consequence. In addition, I realized that proper nutrition is 80 percent success.

Anton Kozlov

To start, I read a bunch of studies about vegetarianism - I wanted to delve deeper into this topic. Sometimes I left the fish, but the meat stopped eating. Everyone, of course, has different things, but it seems to me that there is something to it.

Some kind of peace. Then I began to count calories, pay attention to the energy value of food and limit the size of servings. As I sometimes say: you can kill yourself with a “hot" buckwheat if you eat 20 kilograms at a time. There is energy that you get from food and energy that you spend. I gobbled up more than I spent - no matter how hard you work, you won’t lose weight.

Then there was starvation. I came to this because weight was decreasing more slowly than I needed. In addition, it became interesting: what will happen if the day is not there - the process of losing weight will accelerate or slow down? Of course, he accelerated - in one day without food you can completely lose a kilogram (I also read that in Silicon Valley they also practice starvation). In general, I came to the conclusion that once a week you can starve. Then I decided to try detox juices.

I thought, okay, I’ll hold out for three days on juices. I drank juices for three days, then drank others for three days, and then another day I just drank some water. Bam - didn’t eat at all for seven days. During this time, I lost five kilograms.

Somewhere in the middle of the year I started playing sports.

He began to go swimming, and then added strength training. Gradually, I came to the “one workout per day” system (except weekends), but soon I brought the situation to two workouts daily: in the morning I went to strength and functional classes (then I was sent to the track for another hour), and in the evening I came to swim. At this pace, over the past two months I have removed another twenty kilograms.

" Anton Kozlov, founder of 4fresh, about how he lost 54 kilograms" src="/assets/images/68617b26badc4df8c00c876b0308a758/d090413ee40acdb26a5e7d526fcaa9f7.jpg">

Anton Kozlov

An important point: all this did not hit my health in any way, I felt great. Two times I took tests for an expanded composition of trace elements - everything is in perfect condition. The only thing - cholesterol was slightly reduced, but somehow I will survive it. I also underwent an examination that shows the composition of the body: fats, muscles. And, in fact, from the fat bass, I bounced back in two months.

At the same time, I went on vacation several times, everywhere was all inclusive, and everywhere I ate like a pig - it's still impossible to resist when everything is paid.

Pereklin happened only in December: the finishing effect has already turned on here - I had to win. So in December I did not eat 24 days. More precisely, I did not eat in cycles: I did not eat for seven days - I ate a day. It was difficult psychologically, because on December 22 I was already holding the right weight, but the guys with whom I argued said that we would be weighed according to the schedule, as agreed - on the fifth of January.

In general, on December 23 I decided to celebrate a little bit and as a result I gained three kilograms. And I was blown away. I was very tensed, cursed myself three times and decided that I won’t eat up to victory. For the first time in my life, on principle, I didn’t eat anything. I sat at the table: everyone ate, I did not.

I did not eat on the second, third, fourth, and fifth of January. And only at the end of the corporate party, when he weighed, ate. The goal of fasting was victory, it was not a necessity, and in principle I easily survived it.

- The best advice I received was this: if you accidentally slipped into a red light in the morning, this is no reason to break the rules of the road all day. The same goes for food.

Eaten a sandwich in the morning? It's okay, you need to quickly return to your plan.

Anton Kozlov

There is no power problem, everything is in the head. My problem was to slow down and stop thinking about how to make all the money in the world.

You just need to relax, outline a certain perimeter and focus on it. For example, to take care of the family - to come home and play with the children, take them to the kindergarten (which I am doing now). My company works 24 hours a day - a call center is around the clock, and warehouses are around the clock. I worked for six months without days off. All this does not fit in well with health.

Nevertheless, we must try to avoid crossbars, to avoid extremes.

All my goals in life came from the fact that there is nothing impossible, that you can go and do everything. But you have to pay for it. I understand that in the long run this model is losing. I realized that I am 32, and I formed the perimeter of everything I want to do.

You could say I'm finishing the climb now. Everyone opens his mouth as much as he wants to bite a cake. And here it is important to stop so as not to burst. Because ambition is followed by years of realization. Here, in fact, I had a fix.

I think in the next 10-15 years I will "digest" and try to realize what I came up with.

There is hardly anything healthy in this weight loss. It is more like an interweaving of theories, a set of experiments, each of which in practice has shown its effectiveness or inefficiency. This year my goal is awareness and calm, otherwise everything happens damn fast. In addition, now the weight is starting to return a little, and this is such a war in the head: the confrontation of goals, awareness, speed.

Very difficult.

Anton Kozlov with his wife



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