I Love Swimming School Holds Open Water Day

O10en Water Day is a traditional event from the I Love Swimming school before the start of the new season. It will be useful both to those who cannot imagine their life without water and set a new goal, and to those who only dream of learning to swim.

The program of the evening includes the awarding of the best swimmers of the I Love Swimming school, prize draws from TYR Russia and performances by four speakers.

I Love Swimming School Holds Open Water Day

Photo: I Love Su30ers38ort

I Love Swimming School Holds Open Water Day

Photo: I Love Supersport

Founder of I Love Supersport Maxim Zhurilo He will tell you about the swimmer’s path from “I don’t know” to the finish line on the main world races and help formulate goals for the new season. Representatives of X-Waters and Oceanman will introduce the largest open water starts, and their winners of the swim through the Bosphorus Andrei Volkov and Marina Vitko will support them - they will reveal the secrets of passing the treasured distance for many.

The evening will end with a special guest - a para-athlete, multiple winner of the swimming competition, journalist Dmitry Ignatov, whose theme is “Motivation. Willpower. Right goals.”

Open Water Day will be held December 18 from 19:00 in Space in the territory of the Flacon design factory (Bolshaya Novodmitrovskaya, 36). Free admission.

Preliminary registration is required. Limited number of seats.



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