I like to sleep naked. This is normal?

- A person’s tendency to sleep without pajamas depends on many factors: social, sexual and personal.

Often, to answer the question of what this is connected with, you need to turn to childhood. How in the family where the man was raised was it customary to relate to nudity? What is nudity associated with - shame or freedom? If nudity is associated with freedom, the person, if possible, will choose the lack of clothing.

In childhood, parents often put on pajamas on the child, since in a dream he can open up - it is easier to put on than to constantly monitor and hide. Pajamas associated with health care.

If we talk about more adulthood, then sleeping in pajamas is often the choice in favor of hygiene.

The social aspect is related to living conditions. The habit of sleeping in clothes can form a lack of personal space.

The sexual aspect depends on the relationship with the partner: do people sleep together, how open are they with each other. If there are problems - a feeling of insecurity, a desire to defend oneself or hide from a partner for any reason - it is difficult for a person to sleep naked next to another.

If the partners have no problems with contact with each other, they can sleep without clothes and feel comfortable. Skin is our largest and most sensitive organ. Touching it in both partners has an exciting effect. Additional contact at this level helps people feel joy from touching, and the lack of clothing will only bring together.



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