"I could not get up from the floor for about 20 minutes." 5 killer exercises from Russian NHL stars

To play in the National Hockey League, you need to be a really cool guy, because only a very well-trained athlete will survive fast and tough North American hockey. We tell how Russian superstars, Ovechkin, Malkin, and others, train overseas.

Washington Capitals striker Alexander Ovechkin is one of the most famous Russian athletes abroad. He has been playing in the NHL for almost fifteen years, and during that time he won a huge number of trophies, and also entered the club of hockey players who earned a thousand or more points in league matches. Alexander’s daily workouts during the summer break between games — when there is much less work on the ice — last for several hours.

The preparation plan is designed in such a way as to pay enough attention to cardio, working out the muscles of the hands, abs and legs, and training in speed. Exercise, which is always present in the arsenal of Ovechkin, is lunges with a barbell. During lunges, the main load falls on the quadriceps femoris. The adductors and abductor muscles are also involved. The muscles of the cortex, which stabilize the body when moving up and down, also participate in the work.

The main rule, as always when doing lunges, is to keep the knee at a right angle.

In addition to lunges, you can also “step” with dumbbells in your hands per cube or to the platform. But the hockey player himself admits in the interview that he considers the frog exercise to be the most unloved, but at the same time effective exercise. This is jumping forward on two legs from a semi-squat. “Jump” in this way needs 100 meters.

Well or less - how much strength is enough.

Three-time Stanley Cup winner loves exercise to strengthen leg muscles, striker " Pittsburgh Penguins "Eugene Malkin. “My hands are more or less strong,” says Eugene, “but my legs are very thin and weak, so all the exercises related to this part of the body are hard for me: squats, bends, lunges, jumps.” Unlike many athletes, Malkin does not upload photos and videos from the gym to Instagram. But the Penguins press service recorded the training of Eugene.

Video is not of the best quality, but this is not the main thing. It is important that everything is clear. There are hemisphere squats, dumbbell exercises, and even a bit of swimming.

Training of Evgeni Malkin

Eugene himself says that he learned many exercises from the captain of Canada Sydney Crosby's teammate, known for his excellent physical condition. Take a closer look at this complex, there probably is something from the legendary Canadian.

Andrei Markov is 41 years old. During his hockey career, he received serious knee injuries four times. Any other in his place would have long ago retreated and rested on their laurels, but not Andrei - until the end of the 2017 season he was one of the best defenders of the Montreal Canadiens, after which he returned to Russia, to the KHL club Ak Bars. During the summer breaks, Markov practiced a lot on the sand.

Knees are perhaps the most problematic “zone” of those who play in hockey.

Therefore, very often hockey players do not run cross-country because of the large loads on the joints. Instead, they choose an exercise bike for cardio workouts. So does, for example, Alexander Ovechkin's teammate - striker Yevgeny Kuznetsov. Particular attention when exercising on an exercise bike is to pay attention to the correct fit. In order not to increase the load on the joints, do not set the height of the saddle "by eye".

Sit on the simulator, put your feet on the pedals and grab the wheel with your hands. The ideal height will be that at which the leg is completely straightened at the bottom point, but stands on the pedal, does not tear itself away from it.

Exercise bikes also train endurance very well. “The important thing here is not how much time you can pedal, but whether you are able to overcome yourself when your strength is running out,” said St. Louis Blues striker Vladimir Tarasenko.

And he should be believed. Nine years ago, when Vladimir was just starting his career overseas, it was cycling training during physical fitness testing that left the athlete almost without strength. “After the tests, I came to the room,” Vladimir said then, “disconnected and could not get up from the floor for about 20 minutes.”

And finally, another tip from the NHL stars: that the body does not get used to loads of the same type, but you yourself are not bored, sometimes you need to try something new. Forward “New York Rangers” Artemy Panarin, for example, is engaged in jujitsu and Thai boxing.

He also offers all kinds of ways to add variety to the workout. For example, attract pets to her.



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