I became the father of 23 children by becoming a sperm donor on Facebook

I provide basic information about myself: I write that I am a 39-year-old graduate of the university, of medium height, with blue eyes and brown hair. I explain that in my family there were no health problems. Some people ask for fairly detailed genetic and medical information that I cannot or do not want to provide, and then I say that it is better for them to turn to another donor.

I usually don’t ask too many questions to a woman. I look at her profile on Facebook and listen to my intuition to assess whether she is a good person before agreeing to pass sperm for her.

As soon as the women and I agree on everything, they take away containers of sperm from me. Most of them buy a kit for artificial insemination and do everything themselves at home. About 20 times I had sex with women who were worried about the effectiveness of such a device. I do not have to feel a strong attraction to a woman, although, of course, it is better when it is. But sexual satisfaction is not the main reason I do this.

I carefully monitor my health: some women with whom I had sex tested for sexually transmitted infections, while others answered detailed questions and assured me that they were healthy (for example, they are monogamous). I regularly take tests to be sure of my state of health.



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