How was the second fitness breakfast from The Challenger and the ObedBufet Restomarket

Following the rule that the day should start exclusively with a healthy breakfast, at the beginning of the meeting the team


offered the guests several dishes from the restaurant menu - yogurt with honey and nuts, crudite vegetables and healthy cookies based on dried fruits without sugar.

This morning, Ekaterina Dar was again with us - face fitness specialist, actress and trainer of the course "PRO Face" . She showed a few simple exercises that will help to always stay young and beautiful: “To do fitness, you do not need additional equipment. You just need to correctly perform the exercises that we do every day: smiles, grimaces, winks. In just a few classes, you notice significant changes without surgery and the use of expensive cosmetics.


The second speaker of the fitness breakfast was the founder of the vegan brand Vaurva Kurban, who shared his impressive story with the guests: eight years ago, he resigned as chief cook in a steakhouse, refused animal products and has since lost almost 40 kilograms. “Animal products take energy from us, while plant products - organic cereals, fruits, vegetables - help us to be as active as possible and realize our creative potential,” Kurban explained. The founder of Vaurva also taught how to cook an energy breakfast - a smoothie based on bananas, berries, granola, nuts and oat milk.



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