How to wipe dust

Dust is everywhere. In the apartment it is generated by our things, electrical equipment, beloved pets and even ourselves (dandruff and keratinized skin particles are a significant component of house dust). There is also street dust that enters the apartment from ventilation and open windows. But the amount of dust in the house can be reduced. The main thing in this matter is proper cleaning.

You will need a microfiber cloth, a vacuum cleaner with nozzles and, possibly, a “duster” (also known under the ridiculous name " pipidaster "- a soft panicle for shaking off dust). Microfiber is your

main assistant

. It is she who needs to wipe all surfaces, pre-moistened with water. It is also better to wash the floor with a mop with a microfiber brush. With severe contamination, you can add a cleaning agent to the water: a solution of a drop of vinegar or a spoonful of soda per liter of water will do.

A vacuum cleaner is needed to clean the ventilation holes, upholstered furniture (yes, you need to vacuum it) and the floor. Duster is best used only in extreme cases to get to hard to reach places. The trouble with the pretty brooms is that they just carry the dust through the air, and then it settles on the surfaces again.

You need to wash microfiber cloths

after each cleaning

, in gentle mode (at a water temperature of 40 degrees), separately from clothes and linen. Be sure to change the bag or filter in the vacuum cleaner as often as indicated in the instructions, otherwise it will stop working normally and will also move the dust around the apartment.

How to wipe dust

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In heavily dusty spaces before cleaning wear a medical mask, especially for allergy sufferers and asthmatics. Ventilate the room even better before cleaning.

The principle of cleaning is from top to bottom, the floor is processed last. First vacuum the ventilation holes with a brush head, wipe the fixtures on the ceiling.

Then proceed to the shelves and cabinets (be sure to wipe the top of the cabinets and racks, an incredible amount of dust accumulates there). Do not forget about the batteries, they also need to be cleaned regularly - at the same time improve heat transfer. Having wiped all smooth surfaces including window sills, proceed to upholstered furniture. An ordinary brush head or compact furniture vacuum cleaner will also help here. Finally vacuum and wipe the floor.

How to wipe dust

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Wipe dust off surfaces need towards the floor, swiping a napkin only one way. From the figurines, vases and in general everything that stands on the shelves, dust must be removed from top to bottom, in smooth movements. Be sure to unplug all electrical appliances from outlets before wiping them. Wash the floor from the back wall to the door.

In narrow rooms, first wash the floor on the sides, and then in the center. Lower the mop into the water, hold for a few seconds, squeeze slightly and wash a small area. Rinse the mop head more often to avoid streaks.

Keep the room clean with carpets

is much more complicated

than without them. Perhaps you should abandon the carpet and carpets.

Parquet, laminate, linoleum, tile - all this is much easier to clean. If you still really want to lay a beautiful carpet, be prepared to vacuum it three to four times a week, and also



How to wipe dust

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Wet cleaning of the house is necessary on average once a week, depending on the floor covering, the number of surfaces and things, as well as the air quality outside the window and in the apartment.

Change bed linen once a week - dust and dirt also accumulate on it .

Wash all the textiles in the house at least once a month - curtains, pillowcases of decorative pillows, rugs, tablecloths. Try not to overload surfaces with things, especially soft toys. Remove all unnecessary from the floor - there should only be furniture, large plants and, perhaps, a couple of beautiful and functional baskets. Everything else (boxes, shoes, bags) needs to find space on shelves and cabinets. By the way, often disassemble the main dust storages in the house - cabinets, chests of drawers and drawers.

In general, the less things you have, the less dust will accumulate.

How to wipe dust

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