How to wash your face: 5 tips of a cosmetologist

It would seem that washing is such a simple hygienic procedure! Nevertheless, there are secrets here. A lot depends on how you wash your face: competent cleansing allows you to preserve the beauty and health of your skin. The Challenger, together with Olga Zverkova, cosmetologist

of the clinic "Dawn"

, prepared instructions on how to conduct this hygienic procedure correctly.

Do you think evening washing is more important than morning washing, as it allows you to wash away any dirt that accumulated during the day from your skin? Then know: over night, the skin secretes even more sebum and sweat than during the day. So both morning and evening washing are equally important.

But you should not get too carried away: twice a day is more than enough.

By the way, before applying skin care and washing products it is better to wash your hands with soap, especially if you just came from the street. Dirt entering the pores can cause redness and inflammation on the face.

How to wash your face: 5 tips of a cosmetologist

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Many people believe that washing, cleansing and removing makeup is one and the same thing.

But in fact, it is impossible to completely clean the skin from makeup (especially waterproof), and from dirt and grease with one tool. Means for removing makeup and for washing solve different problems: the first remove makeup, the second clean from sweat, excess sebum, dust and external impurities and are not able to completely dissolve persistent makeup products. So the first thing you need to remove makeup, and then proceed to wash.

Should not use oily skin if you have dry skin and dry skin if you have combination skin. This will lead to the fact that the skin does not receive the necessary care.

It would seem obvious advice, but many neglect it.

How to wash your face: 5 tips of a cosmetologist

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On the one hand, It is important to remove makeup thoroughly, as clogged pores can cause irritation. On the other hand, you need to act carefully, do not rub or stretch the skin. Do not forget to read the instructions for the products - for example, scrubs are not accidentally recommended to be used no more than twice a week, because too frequent use of products with exfoliating particles causes irritation and dryness.

The same applies to facial cleansing brushes - you can use them, but try to do this with minimal pressure on the skin. And do not forget to wash them thoroughly after use.

It is believed that hot water opens the pores, cold - on the contrary, narrows. In fact, nothing of the kind happens. Hot water is not the best choice for washing, as it can destroy the protective barrier of the skin.

Wash yourself with water at room temperature.

How to wash your face: 5 tips of a cosmetologist


Friction injures and stretches the skin - after washing, gently pat the skin with a towel. You should not use a body towel for this - it accumulates substances from the funds that you used, and keratinized skin particles. Such a towel can contaminate the pores on the face and cause acne.

Be sure to get a separate towel for the face and change it more often (preferably daily), because in a humid environment, harmful bacteria multiply quickly.



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