How to understand that products have deteriorated

Milk. Before pouring milk into your favorite coffee, try and smell it. Sour smell and taste, bitter aftertaste - everything suggests that the product has deteriorated. Pour and go to the store for fresh. By the way, so that milk does not spoil longer, do not drink it directly from the neck, but pour it into a glass.

The same applies to yoghurts and juices.

Cottage cheese. Since even a good cottage cheese smells sour, focus on the expiration date. And keep in mind: one day overdue cottage cheese can spoil your mood and well-being. The fact is that different types of bacteria interact in cottage cheese - after the expiration date, the number of "bad" bacteria, due to which the product becomes acidic, outweighs the number of useful ones.

Kefir. If a pack of kefir is inflated, then the product has deteriorated. Someone makes pancakes on such kefir (at your own peril and risk). The best option is to throw away the entire pack.


To test the freshness of an egg, it is not necessary to break it. Take a glass of water and dip the egg into it. If it lay horizontally on the bottom - the egg is fresh; if it stands upright, the expiration date is running out. If an egg has surfaced, it is damaged and it is dangerous to eat it.


You cannot eat moldy bread. If the mold is not visible, it can be detected by smell and taste. So that the bread does not mold longer, try storing it in the refrigerator in a paper bag.

Watermelons and melons. In a cut form, gourds are stored for only a few hours.

If the product is sour in taste or smell, you have to throw it away.

Wine. It is better not to store wine in open form for longer than seven days. Even the most valuable wine spoils easily, so think ahead of time whether you’ll finish the open bottle. The unpleasant odor and sweet taste of a dry drink suggests that it is no longer worth drinking.

If a brownish tint is found in the glass, decisively pour it. Poisoning with spoiled alcohol is one of the most severe, so it is better not to risk it.



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