How to understand that friendship is the end: 8 signs

"Always remember that in this world there are no embraces that in the end will not open," Joseph Brodsky bequeathed. Of course, we forget about it and believe that everything is good forever, and everything bad is interference on the air, a black bar that is about to end. The most painful thing to realize is that friendship, like all the wonderful things and phenomena that make us happy, can simply take and end. As a rule, this does not happen right away - for some time we try to pretend that everything is still the same, but somewhere deep inside we understand: the Rubicon has been passed. As before, there will be no more.

And you know, this is not bad. Hard, but not bad. In some situations, breaking up with a close friend is a necessary and important step. Sometimes you really need to leave first so as not to lose the main thing - yourself. In addition, even between bosom friends there are relationships based on not love and mutual respect, but envy and the desire to assert oneself.

But how do you understand that the relationship has become obsolete and it's time to put an end to it? We tried to answer this question and made a list of eight disturbing signs that should lead you to these thoughts.



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