How to turn your favorite business from a hobby into a profession: 6 examples

Work can also be loved and can be fun. This is proved by at least six of our heroes. Stories about how people turned their childhood dreams into a matter of life are always inspiring. Here, get inspired.

How to turn your favorite business from a hobby into a profession: 6 examples

Roman Gudoshnikov

- As a child, I dreamed of different professions, ranging from a pilot-cosmonaut to a soldier defending the homeland.

Among other things, I loved taking pictures on Zenit and other photo equipment, which has always been a lot in my life. When once I lost the opportunity to do my watch business, I found that on a Canon camera you can shoot fantastic quality videos. It was 2010, then I realized that this is a gold mine and we need to move in this direction. While I lived on the money left after the business, I filmed everything. I took out all my friends, there was not a single event at which I would not appear with a camera.

Then he mounted it on his knee and laid it out wherever possible.

After six months, there was nothing to live on, and my new hobby didn’t provide me with anything. Then, completely unexpectedly, a man called me and said in American English that he had found me from work posted on the Web, and that he wanted to invite me to make American films. At first I thought it was a hoax of friends who saw how much I was passionate about it, but after a while, sitting in a movie bus, I pinched myself and realized that all this was true.

After that, I worked for three months in a very friendly American-Russian team on Colossus rock musicians.

It was a fascinating process, full of rock and roll, creativity and fun, which lasted 90 days. Then I got a job on My Planet. For seven years I was not allowed to travel abroad, and I really wanted to see the world. I began to travel as part of the work on the channel at least once or twice a month. After five years of traveling, I realized that this also bothers and that something needs to be changed.

It helped to focus on the family. Now shooting a video is our family business with my wife: we come up with the implementation of commercial stories and bring it to life as part of the

Hellagood production.

I love my work and have no idea what else I could do. Many go to work to work, and I go to rest. If you do not like your job, run.

Yours will find you sooner or later.

How to turn your favorite business from a hobby into a profession: 6 examples

Anastasia Kletkina

- My first dream was to become a veterinarian. But the older I got, the more I was drawn in by creativity. Since childhood, I drew, studied theater, played the piano.

I started shooting videos back in school, in the eighth grade.

They gave me a good SLR camera, at that time it was considered a very cool thing. While everyone was trying to comprehend the art of photography, I switched my camera to video mode and started shooting. At that time I often listened to dubste63, one track turned out to be explosive for me. Listening to him, I scrolled the idea of ​​a video clip in my head: what the characters should do, what movements and facial expressions. I told my girlfriends the idea, told what should happen.

As a result, we shot a video in the forest for two days (the girls, by design, played the role of nymphs), it was winter and wild frost.

I continued to shoot when I was in the first year of college. The camera has always been with me. I was looking for beauty, camera angles, frames. The decision to make this profession arose by chance.

In college I studied as a designer, and once, in my fourth year, I was asked to create a logo for a cheerleading project and shoot a video. Then I learned about the Association of student and youth sports, about the people who create student sports. I went to the site and sent a resume to the vacancy of the photographer, indicating that I am able to shoot video, I threw off some of my small independent works. I passed the test task from the editor-in-chief. With the phrase "you need to be friends" began my three-year journey in the field of student sports.

For three years I gathered a lot of reports, it turned out to shoot a short film for the Student Basketball Association and connect my strength to two more films for other sports organizations. And then word of mouth began: filmed weddings, lovestory and much more.

I love my job! Of course, I can sometimes grumble when I get very tired, there are blockages. But in order to sit and suffer that someone there is doing what he dreamed about, and I am sitting without prospects - no. I get emotions when I understand that my product benefits the customer, for me this is the main gratitude from people.

And the financial side remains the financial side. This is a business that I do with soul and pleasure.

How to turn your favorite business from a hobby into a profession: 6 examples

Sergey Indeykin

- I dreamed of becoming an athlete. In children's minds, athletes seem tall, healthy, strong. Everyone knows them, everyone loves them, they travel the world.

So I became interested in sports. In general, my grandfather discovered sport for me. Together with him, in 1996, I first saw the game of the Ural Great basketball club in a small hall 30 kilometers from Perm. We watched a lot of sports on TV. I knew the composition of the main Russian football teams, I watched the finals of the World Basketball Championship in 1998, I was upset because of the unsuccessful performance of the hockey team at the home World Cup 2000.

When I went to high school, I realized that I couldn’t become a professional athlete: I started training late, my state of health is not like that of an astronaut. I started thinking how to stay in the sport. These thoughts formed into a dream and a goal.

In high school, I began to be interested in basketball, the organization of matches and working with fans. I had little experience working in Ural Great, which only reinforced my interest, made it possible to see the process from the inside and helped in further development.

When a basketball club closed in Perm and I had no work, I began to study successful cases on organizing the work of the PR department in basketball clubs.

In the summer of 2012, a professional club, Parma, was reopened in Perm. I made it clear to the general manager that I really want to work, invest energy and strength in the development of the club. They took me. Due to the limited budget in the first season, my responsibilities included many tasks: SMM, partially design of printing and souvenir products, a ticket program, organization of a match-day, search and development of the club's affiliate network, site administration, development and implementation of a charity program for children orphans.

There were few people in the state, and each employee was responsible for several tasks at once. The load volume was large, in general, it was a very difficult period, but the drive and emotions of the audience are the best means of recovery and an incentive for new ideas.

With the upgrade in the class there was an opportunity to expand the staff. The increase in the club’s budget made it possible to attract competent specialists to the PR department - for example, by team efforts we were able to create a product in Perm worthy of VTB United League.

I plan to further study and use the best successful cases in basketball: both in Russia and in the world.

There are now much more materials available for continuing education than when I was just starting out. I want to constantly develop. In Russia, many great sporting events are held, I want to understand and know them from the inside.

How to turn your favorite business from a hobby into a profession: 6 examples

Maria Andreeva

- I always wanted to connect life with sports: I gave my heart to gymnastics. I did not immediately receive a sports education - at first I studied at the faculty of pedagogy and psychology, I worked with children for many years, only then I received physical education in a special institute for teachers.

Work as a coach is my calling. I managed to realize a childhood dream, I continue to move in this direction, develop, learn.

I got to gymnastics late, at the age of seven. And at 19 she began to train and led the section in children. At that time, I just fell in love with this work.

It was not easy to learn and work in parallel, but I managed to do everything because I enjoyed it. I can’t say that everything turned out by itself, easily and without problems. You always need to make an effort and keep moving, then everything will work out.

I madly love my job. Just imagine what a cool feeling it is to wake up and rush to the studio, even in the early morning.

And you also get paid for it. I continue to realize myself, there is always something to work on. I believe that the ability to inspire other people is an achievement. Seeing smiles and hearing gratitude is a joy for me!

If you go to work through strength, I can only advise you to leave and not even think that once everything will change. Do not wait for any opportunity.

You just need to take it and do it. Take responsibility for your life - it is one, there will no longer be the opportunity to enjoy and enjoy the work. I sincerely believe that everyone can find that work that will inspire the person himself and the people around him.

How to turn your favorite business from a hobby into a profession: 6 examples

Ivan Minaev

- From childhood I was interested in finances. From the age of eight I liked to keep money, try to somehow earn it, read business magazines and special literature.

Once I sewed a toy hare to my mother, I did it for a long time, thoughtfully, with love. He turned out so cute that she even paid for it. I thought it was a great niche, and began to sew a lot of them, but they came out crooked, unpretentious and no longer needed by anyone. So I realized that it’s important to love what you do.

When I was a little older, at the age of 12 my parents introduced me to skiing and snowboarding.

There were first trips abroad. I really liked the atmosphere: mountains, parties, tanned and happy people. There was a dream - to open your snowboard shop. You live in the mountains, ride with friends, sell equipment - always in a party. This dream has become a guiding star.

So I began to get involved in extreme sports. Snowboard, skate, great. Subculture, music and a company of like-minded people - I always wanted to be in this topic. Then began studying at the university. How money is made in real life, I had no idea, but I knew what I wanted to do.

In the last year I got a job as a seller in a sports store. I thought that I’m getting closer to my dream, I’ll understand the topic. He worked a couple of years, it didn’t bring much money. Then he got into the office with his parents' friends, sold tires in bulk for special equipment ..

. Quit four months later.

After that, with three friends we opened a company selling snowboards wholesale and retail. This was my first business. Got loans, bought goods - and got to 2 million rubles.

All over the world that year there was little snow. Sales fell to zero.

How to turn your favorite business from a hobby into a profession: 6 examples

Photo: archive of Ivan Minaev

I had to go to work in the office. Engaged in the supply of sports equipment. So paid the loans.

Nevertheless, I was doing what I liked, but two years later the ceiling came. Soon everything became boring and monotonous. Grew up to 130 kilograms, smoked two packs of cigarettes a day, stood in traffic jams for two hours, watched a movie in the evening and went to bed. So every day. Groundhog Day.

At some point I decided to take up the body. I learned from my former colleagues about Nordic walking. I was carried away by this, I saw the result - the weight began to leave quite quickly. Nobody dealt with this topic then, and I decided to bring the equipment to Russia. Invested the last 40,000 rubles.

He brought 10 pairs of sticks - sold. Then 30 - sold. And so it started. For 4-5 months, I bought the BMW I dreamed about and my apartment. So I realized that you can do what you love, earn and enjoy.

Then he opened the center of Scandinavian walking. I understood the chip, began to run businesses related to everything that was interesting to me. For five years, he learned to launch a hobby business, scale it, and most importantly - to automate and simplify the process so as to gain freedom. But for this I had to test a bunch of services, to understand all the methods of monetization.

Getting money for your hobby is very cool.

It turns out that, developing in a hobby, you become an even more pumped master. The higher your expertise, the more expensive you are. For example, now I am giving an interview from Italy, where I conduct a fitness seminar on Nordic walking. I came here for two months, the seminar is going on for a week. I spend here organizational work, I study cities, parks, a route.

I already love to travel, only now I get paid very good money for it. Each seminar brings from 500 000 rubles.

Each of us is a bearer of unique talents, hobbies, life experiences, charisma, and hobbies. Find it in yourself, reveal it and pass it on to other people!

How to turn your favorite business from a hobby into a profession: 6 examples

Linara Rakhimova

- As a child, I wanted to be a veterinarian, but I have before fainting fear ..

. no, not blood, but needles. For me, any blood draw is torture. I still can’t overcome it, every year everything just gets worse. Therefore, I refused this idea in the tenth grade.

Then I realized that I like to invent and organize something: whether it’s a party with friends in the French style, grandmother’s birthday, or just an occasion to give a gift to a friend. All around noticed my impulses and desires. My mom and I began to look at the university that taught this. It turned out that in no way. The only thing far-fetched is the direction of mass events at the Institute of Cinema and Television.

But where am I and where is acting?

As a result, I abandoned this idea (but not quite) and entered the economic field. After two years of study at the university, it was necessary to choose a specialization. I chose the most creative thing that was marketing. Having finished my studies at the university, I tried to go to work in an agency for organizing events, but they told me everywhere: since there is no experience, then I have nothing to do with them. I got a job as an assistant manager: I made a large number of analytical notes, negotiated with different companies, and also organized his working hours - trips, meetings and more.

After that I worked in a large company, where I spoke closely with the event manager. Helped her in projects. And it spun.

Was it difficult? Absolutely not! Largely due to the fact that the event manager in the company was super professional, she gave practical advice and always understood when things were moving in the wrong direction. If there is no experience in this work, you cannot predict the consequences of any actions.

It seems that we are all adequate people and there is no need to talk about some obvious facts. But at the event, it turns out that the girl who greets the guests at the children's event came in a short (very short) skirt.

I want to implement large-scale projects. In my work, it seems to me that it is quite difficult to reach the ceiling - the projects are different each time. Plus, the situation around is changing non-stop: yesterday everyone loved balls and enjoyed silicone bracelets, today photos should be exclusively in motion with the graphics, and what will happen tomorrow, I’m even afraid to imagine.

Thank goodness I have never been involved in an unloved affair. Unfortunately, I can’t do anything from under the stick. If something disgusts me, I just finish. I realized that if I wake up one day and realize that it scares me just to think that I need to go to work, I will leave the place that day. Therefore, I am happy that I am doing my favorite thing, and my salary is a bonus.



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