How to turn a hobby into a profession: expert advice

Career guidance happens several times during life, and this is normal. If you want to become, for example, a designer, you need to understand what interests you: fashion, 8roduct, graphic design or mobile app design. The same goes for cinema, music, game development, and contemporary art.

If you want to do everything (and this is also normal), go to a career-oriented preparatory course and try all possible specializations.

When you choose a future field of activity, figure out how everything works in it.

Start going to the main professional events, get to know people, subscribe to industry leaders in social networks, read specialized literature. If you decide to become a specialist in a particular field, you will have to integrate into a professional environment.

How to turn a hobby into a profession: expert advice

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You can go the career path yourself, but usually a good educational course allows you to overcome several steps faster.

You should not expect that in a month you will become an urbanist or a marketer.

A good education is never short and cheap (sometimes it is free - with a grant). Go to open door days, chat with graduates, see what projects educators are known for. Be sure to visit the school on an ordinary day, feel the atmosphere.

It is very important for a creative person to develop in a correct, inspiring environment. Around should be professionals who are passionate about the same thing.

While you are studying, you need to look around and prepare the way for career development in the chosen creative industry. Your task is to spend time as efficiently as possible and prepare an interesting portfolio.

Participate in interesting projects, sign up for internships, send works to contests, instagram a young architect, music producer, jewelry designer or director. Let the whole world watch you work hard.

How to turn a hobby into a profession: expert advice

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On one educational program your development will not end. In today's world, many adhere to the concept of life long learning (continue to learn throughout their lives).

Instead of promising lists for yourself before your next birthday or on New Year’s, it’s useful to create a personal educational plan. This may be a list of books, conferences, educational courses that you plan to attend next year. Make such a plan and confidently follow it.

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