How to travel without harm to the planet: the ultimate eco-instruction

There are several organizations in the world that develop and implement environmental management systems in hotels, and also carry out certification: Certification for Sustainable Tourism, Green Globe, HAC Green Leaf (Canada), Touristik Union International (Germany) ), Green Hotel (based on UN eco-standards).

Perhaps the most stringent criteria are the Danish Green Key. In order to receive its quality mark, the hotel must establish standards for water consumption and economy, introduce a system of reuse of resources and regularly purchase environmentally friendly organic products. The requirements for lighting, ventilation, garbage collection and irrigation are established. Nearly 3,000 hotels in 57 countries, including Russia, have Green Key certificates today.

You can view their list on a map on the project website. There are more than twenty of them in Russia: for example, the Romanov Les Hotel in the Kostroma Region, the Radisson Resort Zavidovo in the Tver Region, and the Cronwell Inn Stremyannaya in St. Petersburg.

If the hotel you have chosen has an eco-certificate of one of the above companies, it means that the administration is really conscious about the environment. In such accommodation facilities, they save water and electricity, sort waste and use environmental cleaners.

It’s quite simple to choose an eco-friendly hotel on the OneTwoTrip website: when searching, you can put a filter in front of the “ecohotel” item in the “Hotel theme” section. For example, in the Moscow Region, according to this criterion, there are 32 options, both quite budget ones (the eco-hotel Bogorodsk, Holiday Inn Moscow Vinogradovo) and very expensive (Moscow Country Club in Nakhabino, Barvikha Hotel and Spa).



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