How to train your memory: 10 tips to stop forgetting everything

It is best to train your memory on those things that attract your attention. Turn boring information that you need to remember into vivid images. If you need to remember to buy a bottle of wine, milk and apples, draw in your imagination the image of each item from this list. Pay attention to details: smell, color, taste, and even the sensations of touching them. Feel free to use "hot" images - it is believed that they are remembered better than others.

For example, if you imagine not just a package of milk, but your favorite supermodel bathing in milk, you will definitely not forget to buy a product. To draw in the imagination should be beautiful or, conversely, scary images. For example, in order not to forget about buying apples, imagine them rotten, wormy and shriveled. By the way, “living” images remain in your memory longer, so turn on your imagination and try to “animate” an inanimate object, the same bottle of wine - imagine that she can sing or speak Spanish, and you certainly won’t leave the supermarket without it.

How to train your memory: 10 tips to stop forgetting everything

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The new information should interact with the old - the one that you already have in your head. Do you often forget names and dates of birth? Unsurprisingly: this data does not mean anything. But if a person calls you their profession when they meet you, you will probably remember it, if only because any profession is associated with something. To remember names, surnames and dates just as easily, associate them with something that is meaningful and capable of causing an association. Such a memory training will help you to be more collected, not forgetting about anything.

If you need to remember a large piece of text for presentation, divide it into fragments and associate each of them with emotion or physical action (actors often use this technique). For example, the phrase “take a pen” will be easier to remember, if you pronounce it, you yourself will pick up a writing object.

How to train your memory: 10 tips to stop forgetting everything

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Imagine a space that you know well - for example, your room, office, the street you walk every day - and fill it with images of what you want remember. These "palaces of memory" can be any, but there must be a certain sequence in them.

The trick is that this way you learn to memorize events in chronological order.

Need to remember a long text? Do not cram it. Firstly, it is long, and secondly, inefficient. Use a simple technique: divide the text into separate blocks and title each of them. And then use the associations or build "palaces of memory" to remember each part.

How to train your memory: 10 tips to stop forgetting everything

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Remembering a rhyme is easy. Agree, the phrase "this is a tigress who is angry because she cannot sleep" will be deposited in the head much faster than "this is an animal from the cat family, which is in a state of aggression because it does not manage to fall asleep."

Your credit card number is divided into four blocks for a reason, but for the convenience of remembering: four four-digit numbers are easier to remember than 16 digits in a row. The combination 220641090545 is difficult to learn.

But try to break it into four parts - 220, 641, 090, 545, or into two fragments - 22/06/41 and 09/05/45, and the task will be simplified. You can also associate the numbers with some event, in this case, with the dates of the Great Patriotic War.

How to train your memory: 10 tips to stop forgetting everything

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To memorize information, draw, draw diagrams, use symbols. This develops imaginative thinking and helps to find the right associations, which means that it is better to remember.

PDP (man - action - object) is another effective technique of memorization. To begin with, you need to prepare: imagine each two-digit number from 00 to 99 in the form of an image of a person committing an action on an object. For example, the number 13 can become David Beckham (person), who hits (the action) on the ball (item), the number 34 can turn into Frank Sinatra (person), the song (action) into the microphone (item), and the number 79 - into Superman (person) flying (action) in a raincoat (item). Create your own images for each two-digit number - these images must be constant. Now try to combine the three images to remember the six-digit number: 133479 “turn” into David Beckham (person from number 13), singing (action from number 34) in a cloak (item from number 79).

Remembering one bright image of the brain is much simpler than a series of numbers. And remembering the image, you can easily "translate" it into a number.

How to train your memory: 10 tips to stop forgetting everything

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Get ready: your brain will not immediately get used to the new mode of operation. But if you take the habit of allocating only 15 minutes a day for memory training, then after a couple of weeks you will notice the first results.

This exercise can also be used as a test to test your memory ability. Carefully read the list of items and remember them:

flowers, gas burner, sponge, knife, keys, candle, ladle, glasses, phone, pencil, scissors.

Now look at the new list and, without looking at the first one, try to remember which words were replaced:

sponge, hairpin, keys, gas burner, kettle, soup ladle, glasses, candle, phone, scissors, book.

Throw five matches on the table and try to remember their location in a few seconds. Then turn away and, using other matches, play the same picture on a different surface.

How to train your memory: 10 tips to stop forgetting everything

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Pick up an item. It can be keys, a pencil, a phone. Examine it for 30 seconds. Then close your eyes and try to clearly visualize what you are holding in your hands.

If you can’t remember any details, open your eyes, look and repeat again. Perform the exercise until you can accurately reproduce the subject in your imagination.

Minute of attention: remember any unrelated words or numbers. Start with fifteen (words or numbers), and then increase their number. To complicate the exercise, try doing something else at the same time, such as assembling a puzzle or folding a paper airplane.

Every day for 5-10 minutes, think about only one subject, without being distracted by anything else. Over time, you will learn how to focus faster. This is a great workout for memory and attention.



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