How to train to be as cool as Michael B. Jordan

Jordan: "As you might guess, in my case it is boxing. As soon as I put on my gloves, I immediately realized: one-hundred-percent hit, I am in my place. At such moments you forget and completely immersed in the process. You are interested. In addition, practicing punches is also incredibly cool.


The last item, perhaps the most important, depends on it in many ways, will you return to the hall for something more or stay at home. “When you feel a psychological connection to sports, your ability to develop and progress is significantly improved,” says Joe Holder, a Nike trainer who worked with Jordan. - To do something that you love is much better than to train just because, for example, you need to lose weight. It is important to make sports a part of your life. Not a commitment, but a necessity.

For Jordan, boxing is a must. As an actor who played a boxer, he was lucky to combine the two main passions. However, Michael's training is not limited to sparring in the ring. For each new role, Jordan trains in the same way that his character trains in the script. This approach not only allows you to better learn the role, but also to learn new skills.

In addition, a change in physical activity does not make you bored and reach the very plateau that many athletes are afraid of, both professionals and amateurs.

"From the point of view of physiology, each person, regardless of their level of training, should alternate different types of loads. This allows you to pay equal attention to strength, flexibility, endurance, coordination and speed and constantly move forward," says Holder.

For everyone who wants to look like Jordan, Nike Training prepared three workouts inspired by his movie roles. All of them are a vivid example of how diversity is cool.



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