How to store food in the refrigerator

Buying products in the store, and then transferring them from the package to the refrigerator is a common thing. But even this process can be approached more consciously so that the products retain their nutritional properties and freshness longer. Together with the German company Bosch we tell you what products to put in the refrigerator.

You need to store food in the refrigerator for two reasons: to slow the formation and spread of microbes and, as a result, to make food last longer remained fresh and safe for consumption. It is not enough to transfer the eggs and yoghurts from the bag to the refrigerator.

You can follow simple rules so that after a couple of days the cheese does not smell like fish, the green color of apples does not turn brown, and cooked pasta does not become moldy.

The first step is to set the temperature in the refrigerator. Optimal is five degrees or lower. Some foods, such as meat, are best stored at lower temperatures. Putting them in the freezer is not the only option.

For example, in the Bosch VitaFresh refrigerator there are special boxes for meat and fish, where the temperature is constantly kept at about zero degrees. This function allows you to not freeze food - at any time, chicken breast can be baked in the oven, and fish can be steamed.

How to store food in the refrigerator

On the top shelf is the most stable temperature in the refrigerator. In restaurants at this place often store those products that do not need to be cooked. Therefore, the top shelf can safely be forced to what is left over from dinner, or products ready for use, for example, hummus.

You can also put drinks, fresh herbs (just pre-put them in a glass or a jar of water and cover with cling film) and berries.

A special VarioFlow fan is installed in the Bosch refrigerator - it changes the intensity of the cold air circulation depending on the temperature and thus does not dry out the products. You can no longer worry that raspberries or parsley will lose their juiciness and taste.

The lower shelves have the lowest temperature. This means that it is an ideal place for raw meat, fish, seafood, eggs and dairy products.

All these products must be stored in their original packaging - otherwise the risk of exposure to harmful bacteria increases. For meat and fish, it is better to allocate a separate place in the refrigerator, again to prevent the spread of microorganisms from their surface.

With a Bosch refrigerator, storing food is much easier. Special boxes are equipped there - separately for fish, separately for meat - which are easily removed. In addition, the most suitable temperature for such products is set in these departments - about zero degrees.

How to store food in the refrigerator

Vegetables and fruits are traditionally stored in a drawer - and rightly so. But only in part. Many fruits, including apples, peaches, pears, plums, emit ethylene - a chemical that helps them ripen. But at the same time, vegetables spoil due to this gas. Therefore, it is better to store fruits and vegetables separately - at least in different containers.

In addition, they do not need to be washed, and then put in the refrigerator - excess moisture will only accelerate the process of decay.

At Bosch VitaFresh, vegetables and fruits remain fresh up to two times longer. In a special box, a stable temperature and a natural level of humidity are maintained. This is due to the ability to regulate the access of dry air, which preserves the quality of the products.

The refrigerator door may heat up, especially if it constantly opens.

Therefore, it is better to put food that is non-perishable and resistant to temperature extremes, such as juices, water, canned foods, sauces and seasonings (remember that spices also have an expiration date). But move eggs and dairy products to one of the shelves.

In contrast to the freezer, it is better not to force a refrigerator with a lot of products. Cold air should move freely, thereby easily and quickly cooling food. As it happens in the Bosch VitaFresh refrigerator.

The M151tiAirflow system delivers uniform flows of chilled air throughout the refrigerator and freezer. This stabilizes the temperature inside the refrigerator and reduces the cooling time of products, which helps preserve their taste and aroma.

How to store food in the refrigerator

There you can store almost everything - from yoghurts to sauces and bread. Before putting food in the freezer, put it in containers or bags for freezing - this will help maintain the quality of the food (otherwise, for example, the meat will become stiff and inedible) and will save a lot of space. Although the products are stored in the freezer for a very long time, they are best consumed within three to six months.

A Bosch VitaFresh refrigerator does not need to be defrosted. Thanks to NoFrost technology, ice is completely absent in the freezer, and frozen products are not covered with hoarfrost. But still every six months to wash the refrigerator is necessary.

In small kitchens, all the space is used, and it must also be used correctly. The top of the refrigerator is very hot, so you should not store any products there, especially wine and bread.

Better put pots, paper towels or cookbooks.

Bosch VitaFresh fits perfectly into any size kitchen - thanks to Perfect Fit. Another advantage of the refrigerator, except for the width of 60 centimeters: it is easily installed close to furniture, without gaps at the back and side.

How to store food in the refrigerator

  • freshly prepared dishes should be allowed to cool for two hours (if longer, bacteria can multiply) before sending them to the refrigerator;
  • store prepared food in containers;
  • store cheese in its original packaging. After opening, wrap it with wax paper, foil or cling film;
  • try not to defrost and do not freeze the same product several times - it can deteriorate and cause poisoning;
  • overflowing milk in a jug or putting sour cream in a bowl, do not return them to their original packaging.

    It is better to tightly cover the jug or bowl with film;

  • do not keep the tin open. Food may have a metallic taste.


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